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Use Voodle to capture important business moments as they happen and share the knowledge that connects your team and drives action.

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Voodle helps us strengthen our culture in a remote work environment – and allows us to get to know our team as people, not just colleagues. It’s almost like we never left the office.

Shane KovalskyShane Kovalsky
Co-Founder & CEO

Voodle has helped streamline the way our team connects and stays aligned day-to-day, since going remote. It’s far more efficient – and fun – to share informative and insightful short videos that create a powerful new form of team engagement.

Amy BalliettAmy Balliett
Cofounder & CEO, Killer Visual Strategies

Voodle is fantastic for my clients’ sales teams, enabling them to quickly capture notes from customer visits or sales calls-then share with the team or management. Plus transcription allows them to copy and paste right into their sales automation tools like Outreach, Salesforce, and Slack. What a time saver!

Tony LanhamTony Lanham
Partner, Altus Alliance

We All Use Short Video, Why Not at Work?

Empower your team with a fast way to record and share information,
capturing the emotion and context of a message so nothing gets lost in translation.

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Video is better than Text

The brain processes images 60x faster than text.
We retain 95% of a video message vs only 10% of text.


A fast and effective way to collaborate

Remote workers are suffering from video conference fatigue. Cancel that call and use short video to keep your team in sync and producing.


Short video takes the world by storm

Consumers love short video, think IG Stories, Quibi and of course TikTok which has been downloaded 1B with 800M monthly active users.

A Powerful Way to Connect

Voodle Makes Work Better

Redefining Connection

Use Voodle to quickly record important business moments as they happen, capturing the emotion and context of the message.

Connect with your team asynchronously, anytime, anywhere.

Share with your entire team a company wide message to keep everyone in sync

Streamlining Workflows

With the click of a button, instantly share short videos across the places work gets done most, like Salesforce,
Hubspot and Slack; or with people who need the knowledge to make more informed decisions faster.

Easily share updates with your team about the latest product features with the push of a button

Catalogue and share all the things with the entire team, ready for searching when needed

Sharing Knowledge at Scale

AI-powered search allows anyone in the organization to instantly discover
and watch relevant information, trending topics, or most loved voodles.

Connect and challenge your team through fun and engaging exercises

Build up your teams trust in themselves and each other

New Ways to Engage

Voodle gives you the freedom to consume short video in a way that’s best for you with 2x viewing,
scanning transcripts, or watching highlight reels from anywhere, any time–no scheduling required!

Condense and save your meetings in a snackable voodle format for now or later

Leverage the power of search to find and watch exactly what you need

Keep Your Team in Sync

Create voodles to quickly share information and keep your team
connected so they can make informed decisions faster.


Use Voodles to stay up-to-date on deal status, account handoffs, competitive intel, objection handling and customer feedback.

Customer Success
Customer Success

Create Voodles to unlock the collective knowledge of your team to quickly handle account onboarding, ticket resolution, account renewals, churn status, product feedback and feature requests.

Senior Leadership
Senior Leadership

Compose Voodles to communicate business performance updates, meeting action items, strategic developments, and org announcements.


Leverage Voodles to share critical information and insights related to product updates, SCRUM status, and dev environment onboarding.


Make Voodles to keep everyone educated on the latest messaging updates, campaign status, events, product launches, enablement tools and more.

Voodle makes
work better

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