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Why asynchronous short video and why now?

Check out the Voodle Manifesto to see what inspired us to build an asynchronous short video messaging platform!

Be You

We talk 3X faster than we type.

Choose authenticity without sacrificing efficiency.

Break Through

80% want short video at work.

Asynchronous bite-sized content is your secret weapon.

Drive Action

We process images 60K X faster.

Engage your audience quickly and move them to the next step.

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Using Async Short Video Messaging at Work

Tim Porter

Voodle helps employees reclaim their time and stay competitive by moving business forward in a more succinct and fluid way using the power of async short video.

Tim Porter
Managing Director at
Madrona Venture Group

Cameron Steele

Voodle has been a game-changer for how I communicate with my distributed team, my board, and any customer or contact. Between the ease of use and features focused on business utility–like transcripts, integrations, and stream organization–it’s a no brainer add-on to my communication stack.

Cameron Steele
CEO, Leasable

Russell Derby

Voodle is the best way to get a view on what’s actually happening in the field, immediately.

Russell Derby
Head of Field Sales
Legion Brewing

Shane Kovalsky

Voodle helps us strengthen our culture in a remote work environment – and allows us to get to know our team as people, not just colleagues. It’s almost like we never left the office.

Shane Kovalsky
Co-Founder & CEO, MYSTERY

Amy Balliett

Voodle has helped streamline the way our team connects and stays aligned day-to-day, since going remote. It’s far more efficient – and fun – to share informative and insightful short videos that create a powerful new form of team engagement.

Amy Balliett
Cofounder & CEO, Killer Visual Strategies

Tony Lanham

Voodle is fantastic for my clients’ sales teams, enabling them to quickly capture notes from customer visits or sales calls-then share with the team or management. Plus transcription allows them to copy and paste right into their sales automation tools like Outreach, Salesforce, and Slack.

Tony Lanham
Partner, Altus Alliance

Sarah Kaplan

Voodle is keeping our team connected while we all work from home. Everyone misses opportunities for spontaneous conversations and catch ups. Using Voodle to share work and personal updates helps us feel like a team and stay in sync.

Sarah Kaplan
Director, Institute for Gender
and the Economy

IT Business Net

Voodle is how you develop the intimacy and belonging that is so hard to achieve at this moment in history…allowing for co-workers to feel truly valued, authentically themselves, and seen by their peers.

IT Business Net


You really get the best of both worlds with Voodle. The human connection is there from seeing and hearing people, but without the mental drain of Zoom.


Voodle in Action

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