A Voodle Challenge to Make Teams Better

April 15, 2020

A Voodle Challenge to Make Teams Better

Transitioning to an all remote working / shelter-in-place world has come with its challenges. But, like most things in life, with every challenge comes opportunity. And we are excited about how our voodlers have found fun and innovative ways to stay connected and even built more personal connections with one another using our platform.  

While there are lots of reasons to use Voodle to improve business efficiency, we’ve been exploring the power of short form video to drive human connections in a socially distanced world; something we all so sorely need these days. That’s why we’ve introduced the Voodle Challenge: Each day the gauntlet is thrown down in our #voodle-challenge slack channel and the fun begins.

One team member is selected each day to send a challenge topic or question that we all get to respond to via Voodle.  Sometimes the Voodle Challenges are work-related, but other times they are more fun and intended to help us get to know one another a little bit better, or at the very least, offers a way to let your personality shine through. 

By the time our all-hands check in comes rolling around at 3PM, we all know a little bit more about our co-workers and feel connected in a very special way. It’s been an interesting experience to watch how something so simple is really helping us maintain our corporate culture, build relationships, and more importantly spreading smiles across the team.

Here’s an insider’s view of a week of Voodle Challenges from Voodle HQ.

four thumbnail images of voodle employee's talking about big ideas

Monday’s challenge: #thinkbig – Share your big goal for the week.

Remote working can result in a focus on tasks and to-do lists, with big picture thinking taking a backseat. This challenge helped remind us that all of our daily to-dos map greater goals–it was the start of a super productive week.

four thumbnail images showcasing voodle employee's home offices

Tuesday’s challenge: #wfh –  Give us a tour of your remote working space.

We were surprised at how many dogs and cats showed up in our coworkers’ new offices.

four thumbnail images of favorite books they are reading

Wednesday’s challenge: #books – Tell us about a book you are reading.

This one was much more inspiring than we expected – it was so interesting to see what everyone was digging into and we all got new titles to add to our reading lists.

four thumbnail images of voodle employee's giving praise to their co-workers

Thursday’s challenge: #shoutout – Highlight your favorite Voodle feature.

Voodle is brand new and we are still working towards public launch. There is so much we know we need to do that we sometimes forget to celebrate what we have already achieved. This challenge built a huge appreciation for all the incredible work our product team is doing.

four thumbnail images of voodle employees sharing their aha moments.

Friday’s challenge: #ahamoment – Share a big insight you had recently.

We all have our aha moments and we usually share them with our office neighbors or during lunch or at the coffee maker in the kitchen. As we moved to remote work, we weren’t sharing these insights as much – this challenge brought that into focus and brought insight sharing back into the culture in a whole new way.

Seeing all the wonderful faces of your coworkers just makes you smile – by taking 30 seconds to make a voodle and  just a few minutes to flip through the Voodle Pool, you get that feeling of community and connection we were so worried would be lost when we transitioned to working from home everyday. Want to try it @ your company? Sign up for our beta waitlist here.

Some other Voodle Challenges you can try:

  • Share your focus for the day
  • Show us your pet(s)
  • Share how you are feeling today
  • Explain one best practice for working from home
  • Share a big accomplishment from yesterday
  • Houseplant challenge – who has the most house plants
  • What is a problem you are trying to solve
  • What are you excited about
  • The ideas are endless!