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About Voodle

Voodle is reimagining how teams can build and share knowledge and connection using short videos.

About Voodle

The Voodle Story

Voodle Team MembersOver the 4+ years that our 16 person product team has been working together (formerly as Pixvana, a VR video production and publishing platform), we noticed that when communicating with friends and family we were increasingly using video and photography as the default medium to express ourselves. Yet at work, we were still rooted in text messaging and TL;DR emails. Our founding premise — that how we express ourselves at home will find its way into how we communicate at work, has driven our initial product ideas and development of Voodle.

We created our first version of voodle using the extensive video infrastructure pipelines and know-how that we had developed for Pixvana’s products and cloud services. In January 2020 we started using voodle internally to post voodles about our customers and prospects, about product progress and milestones, and about our team and culture and our human experience as colleagues. We all universally felt that “aha” feeling, that we were on to something.

As our city of Seattle became one of the first US cities afflicted by the coronavirus, we and other local companies were among the first in our country to start working entirely remotely from our homes, as part of our social-distancing efforts. While we and other teams are now regularly using Cisco Teams, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and other remote-worker unified communication systems, we see an even greater need to voodle.

Our vision is that voodle can bring human feeling, emotion, and context into our work communications. Our team is based in Seattle Washington and backed by Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Ventures, Raine Ventures, and the corporate venture groups from Microsoft, Cisco,
and Hearst. We are currently in private beta and look forward to sharing voodle with the world.

The Voodle Team

Voodle Team
Voodle Team

Voodle is led by Forest Key who was previously founder CEO of hospitality marketing SaaS provider buuteeq (acquired by Booking Holdings) and visual effects software tools innovator Puffin Designs (acquired by Pinnacle Systems). He was a founding partner of China based UX design and development studio for OTT video applications Redsafi (acquired by Objectiva), and the founder CEO of Pixvana which spent 4 years developing a VR video platform before pivoting to create Voodle. He was previously the GM of business development in the Server and Tools division of Microsoft and director of product planning and marketing for .NET platforms and tools. As a founding team member of both the Silverlight and Macromedia Flash video teams he worked in the boiler room of early internet video infrastructure. Our team has years of shared experience building video publishing systems, tested and hardened by the brutal dynamics of 8k+ resolution GPU cloud processing of VR video. After decades of being cinema snobs and advocates for landscape video, we have seen the light and are converts to vertical video!