About Voodle

Our remote-first-team’s mission is to transform how the next generation of teams collaborate, connect and align. Our vision entails how Voodle can bring the baseline level of trust, human connection, empathy, and context that we enjoy in many of our social communications, to our projects with colleagues, clients, candidates, and contacts at work. Our first release of Voodle in October 2020 re imagined how teams can build trust and share knowledge using short videos. Our most recent release in January 2022 expanded that value to business relationships across the board and introduced our innovative Chats and Posts functionality.

About Voodle


Forest Key

Forest Key


Forest is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation in UX, video and storytelling software platforms. Previous founder+ceo of several venture-backed startups: buuteeq, Puffin Designs, and Pixvana. Previously led biz-dev and product in the Server and Tools division of Microsoft, and was founding-member of Silverlight and Macromedia Flash projects where internet video started. At Lucasfilm his CGI artist work included Star Wars, Men in Black, and Mission Impossible.

Rachel Lanham



Rachel leads our Users from inbound-to-delight. She has led customer and business management efforts within industries with high degrees of digital innovation and disruption including VR, Healthcare, and consumer products. She was GM of VR studio Wundervu, and co-founded digital health platform, Health123. At aQuantive she led accounts including Weight Watchers, MillerCoors, and Levi’s.

Lisa Tripathi



Lisa manages both our financial functions and guides the development and well-being of our most important asset – our people. She built her career in HR at J.P. Morgan and Home Depot, and joined Pixvana in the CFO+HR leadership.

Lisa Tripathi



Britt contributes a science and research-informed perspective to Voodle’s product and market. She is an author, speaker, and internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain science-based solutionsfor people leadership in dynamic organizations. She was previously the Chief Learning Officer for Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning) and a professor/dean at the University of California Santa Barbara where she completed her PhD in Education, Leadership, & Organizations.

Investors and Board of Directors

We are backed by Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Ventures, Raine Ventures, and the corporate venture groups from Microsoft, Cisco, and Hearst. Our board includes Soma Somasegar, Tim Porter, Stuart Nagae, and Mike Galgon.

The Voodle Story

Voodle Team Members

We noticed that when communicating with friends and family we were increasingly using video and photography as the default medium to express ourselves. Yet at work, we were still rooted in text messaging and TL;DR emails. Our founding premise – that how we express ourselves at home will find its way into how we communicate at work, has driven our initial product ideas and development of Voodle.

In January 2020 we started using Voodle internally to post voodles about our customers and prospects, about product progress and milestones, and about our team and our human experience as colleagues. We all universally had that “aha” moment, that we were on to something.

As our home city Seattle became one of the first US cities afflicted by the coronavirus, we and other local teams were among the first in our country to start working remotely as part of our social-distancing efforts. We quickly made the decision to transition to a remote-first company, moved out of our office space, and transformed how we work together by eagerly researching and learning from distributed team’s best practices. The “new normal” gave us added motivation to bring Voodle to the world as part of the now crucial “future of work” collaboration opportunities. We see a Voodle-sized gap between the synchronous video calls and asynchronous messaging platforms that dominate the remote worker’s life.

Learn more about our culture and working at Voodle here.