Beta Testing Instructions

April 17, 2020

Beta Testing Instructions

Thanks for beta-testing Voodle in Spring of 2020, here are the getting started instructions updated for version 59 and later (May 5th release):

These instructions are written for users creating new groups. If you are simply receiving an invitation to join a group, no instructions should be necessary (there may be usability challenges, please send us feedback!)

Install and Sign-On

  • Install Voodle for iOS via Testflight with the link sent to you. Android coming eventually.
  • Create your Group (Figure 23, 24) which is equivalent to a Slack Workspace, or a Microsoft Teams’ Team.
  • Sign-in with a Google Gmail or Gsuite account. This release only supports these SSO formats; Microsoft and Apple SSO coming soon.
  • Invite your colleagues/team with the code/link that is provided. You can have them sign in with ANY email address that we support for SSO, it needn’t be in the same @domain.
  • For now you make voodles on your iOS phone, we are adding webcam support for PC/Mac browsers in future release.
  • For now, you can watch voodles either in the iOS app, OR, you can visit voodle on the web from pc/mac/android to watch voodles


  • For now, all videos are available to view by everyone in the pool (no private or sub-group videos yet, Channels coming soon).
  • Watch this quick How-To video on core workflow
  • After making a voodle there is a SHARE arrow/button which allows you to paste the URL to the voodle into slack, sms, email, etc.–when shared, the voodle can then be watched through voodle on web/pc, but only by those that are signedin/members of your “Group”.  so you can share voodle links, but only your team/org can watch them.  that’s the point of voodle–its private to your work group.
Sharing a voodle via any iOS app/channel, sends a URL that will unfurl and direct viewers to either the iOS Voodle App if they have installed, or to Voodle Web for playback on pc/mac/android.
  • Send us any and all feedback at feedback@ voodle . me, or, within the iOS app by clicking on Feedback in the fly-out menu on right.
  • You can read about our feature development plans and new features.

Voodle ideas to get started

  • Start things off with some shout-out questions or “voodle challenges”, such as “show us your work from home office”, or “check in with yourself, how are you dealing with COVID stresses”, or “what are some signs of spring you are appreciating”.  Basically, prompts to get people going…. in COVID era, this has been most popular use among beta testers.  This blog post has some other ideas
  • You can share your voodles to your Slack or email posts, which can then be viewed by members of your org on a pc/mac. So iOS is only a requirement for making–any viewer can view on pc/phone if they have a voodle-link.