Async Communication Just Leveled Up – 4 Ways New My Voodles is A Game-Changer

Voodle has had this latest feature in the works for a while now, and I am ecstatic to finally introduce My Voodles to the world! We took our team’s video tech expertise and dove headfirst into workplace async communication a year and a half ago. I could not be prouder of our team and the product we’ve built. Now, we’ve taken the potential uses for our app up to a whole different level with the new My Voodles section.

Our customers shared that they wanted more frictionless ways to play with the app and get their voodles out into the world. My Voodles does just that. Users can create and share voodles, with or without an authenticated account, teammates, or even app download. Watch the quick video below to hear from my teammates Ananya and Joah how to use My Voodles to make moments that matter at work. Then, check out my round-up of the top 4 ways this feature can upgrade your workflow.

1. Connect in Exponentially More Ways Beyond “Teams”

You no longer need everyone to join the same Voodle team to get the benefits of short async video messaging for work. You only need to click My Voodles, create your voodle, and send! Use My Voodles to create quick pitches for your work, viewable across devices without an account. Share video enriched updates with clients without making them download the app, saving space on all of your devices by using Voodle’s cloud-based platform. Our world-class functionality is still there for you to connect and collab with any work group. You also can use My Voodles as a test run with anyone in your network, Voodle account or not!

2. More Public-Facing Options Without Sacrificing Security

Share My Voodles with anyone, anywhere by copying and pasting the associated link for a specific voodle when you click “share.” The link functions effectively like an unlisted YouTube video, except for async communication! People can only find it if you’ve given them the exact sharable link, and you can share that link with as many people as you want. Even better, you can choose what permissions the viewer has to interact with your voodles. With a quick click, easily choose whether or not to allow replies for that voodle. Additionally, what happens in the My Voodles section has no bearing on your teams in Voodle. Only team members can see the contents of a team, and only people you share the specific link with can see specific My Voodles.

3. Your Own Personal, Professional Playground

My Voodles are all yours to play with. No one sees the content unless you want them to. Use this space to record video enriched notes-to-self, work hacks you’ve learned that you may want to share in the future, or even test runs of a video message to a prospective mentor – and the eventual actual message. The best part? You can do this from any device without making an account. You can experiment with creating and sending voodles all you want, then claim your account to keep your voodles long-term. Commitment free.

4. Less Friction = Faster shares

Disseminate information with the human connection and visual context of video faster than ever before. No more hassling over schedules to get a Zoom meeting on the calendar – or bemoaning another case of Zoom fatigue.  Choose our async communication platform to share moments that matter instantly and get. sh*t. done. Without waiting around for perfect timing or downloads, you can use My Voodles to:

  • Give feedback on a project 
  • Give an update on your top priorities of the week
  • Show off your ability to grow amazing office plants
  • Share a fun video of your pet being a goofball

With the reduced friction of the My Voodles experience, you have the ability to genuinely share your voice, face, and passions at work with the click of a button.

Combine Video Messaging for Work and Async Communication to Transform Your Workflow

This is your chance to cut back on meetings (*cough cough* Zoom fatigue) and enrich all of your async communication with video. Don’t let pressure to be “always-on” dominate your calendar. My Voodles now lets you capitalize on async communication even when you’re working with people who don’t have the app. Regardless of where or when you’re working, add critical visual context using video messaging for work. Give Voodle a try today


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