5 Ways to Sell More with My Voodles Public Videos:
Sales Teams’ Newest Secret Weapon in a Hybrid Work Future

When you think of a classic sales pitch, what comes to mind? The Wolf of Wallstreet and “Sell me this pen?” Maybe a door-to-door knife or vacuum salesman, a tie-wearing trope from a different era. Whatever it is, I imagine the first character you conjure when “salesperson” is brought up, has some serious charisma—some panache. A flair for grabbing your attention and an innate gift for keeping you listening. These imagined sales characters from a bygone era still exist in one form or another across most industries.  However, with the universal transition to async work—members of our sales teams have had to adjust on the fly. 

There are far fewer face-to-face conversations happening at work these days. Since the start of the pandemic, so much of our workflow and workload have migrated to asynchronous platforms. In general, we love this. Doing work asynchronously essentially means doing work wherever you feel most called to be productive. The shift gave many of us greater collective control of our work schedules and lives than any point in recent history. (Probably since the start of the industrial revolution.) We can decide when we want to engage and jump back into the fray. Preferably, well-rested with a full cup of steaming coffee. Pretty good, huh?

The Current Reality for Sales Teams

In general, this shift has been great! However, one area of commerce that is at the top of the “most impacted list” is our salespeople. Salespeople have always relied on…

  • Winning over a prospective customer with their charm and sincerity
  • Eye contact and the ability to convey far more meaning and emotion than words alone can provide
  • Screaming “buy this house” or “buy this car,” with nonverbal cues that relay just how bad they want this sale
  • Letting you know just how important you saying “yes” is to their happiness, to their mission

Then, when the hook is in the mouth, they offer a last-minute perk that sounds so sweet, although they really shouldn’t be doing this. The amount of nonverbal communication that goes into selling is immense and very hard to measure. Regardless, it’s clear that with far less face-to-face interaction at work, the sales industry—the tools and best practices—are changing quickly to adjust to our new future of work.

Luckily, there are brilliant new tools that connect old tried and true techniques with the present asynchronous reality. Tools that aspire to allow for humanization in an asynchronous world. One such tool is Voodle, an async work-communications platform built to harness the power of video. If you can’t look through the door frame at a prospective customer and convey the amazing features of your new vacuum, the next best thing is to share that information via video.

Video shows a real depth of feeling, it has heart. Even better, Voodle now allows users to share a “public voodle” with anyone they want. No need to sign up, no need to register, just open the link. For sales folks, that means there are a multitude of new ways you can harness the power of Voodle. You can look through your phone screen and convey real feeling, urgency, and passion—the same way a salesman would standing on your porch. 

Let’s look at the top 5 ways “My Voodles” can help sales teams: 

1. Stock Video Elevator Pitch 

The My Voodles feature allows you to record a 60-second video of yourself with any smartphone. Then, just click to shoot it off to a client or prospective new client. You know how you have a stock “cold-email” saved somewhere in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Well, imagine if that becomes a one-sentence email with a related 60-second video. There are so many “lists” and blogs full of advice for “how to write emails that grab the attention of busy clients.” But, you know what I can guarantee will work better than any block of text—your face in a video. 

On a sales team, your face is what conveys the emotion, trust, and urgency you want to get across to a prospective customer. You can say in so many ways “trust me” without having to type “trust me” into the closing of an email. You can say “I’m real” with 1000% more certainty through a video than an email could ever allow for. We like to know what we’re getting into, we like to imagine the future when we can. Sharing a video of yourself allows a new prospective customer to fill in many more gaps than a simple email. That person now knows this is who I’ll be working with if we do hire their services. This is their style and energy. If they get through that initial 60-second video, you’re already further into the relationship than any email could ever take you. 

2. Targeted Video Pitches Based on Research 

Another amazing use for My Voodles is to create a bespoke targeted video for a client you want to land. Most good sales folks already do this. They put in the proper research and due diligence before reaching out to a big fish. Now imagine, after learning all you can by scouring a website, checking a few blogs, and skimming an annual report—you target your video outreach to specific needs for that client. You make it incredibly clear that you did the research. 

Now, you can make a 60-second video ultra specific for the client from the opening greeting through the final call to action. Call out specific uses for your product and ways it can solve issues you already spotted in your research. I noticed when I was looking at your site that… That type of individual catering to a desired new client is the personal touch that will up response rate. Combine that with the selling power of video and I’m willing to bet you’ll be happy with the percentage of responses that are positive. 

3. Voodle Reflections and Follow-ups 

After getting a response, you want to establish a communication cadence with any prospective new client. My Voodles are perfect for quick, personable, async comms that the recipient on the other end can get to in their own time. The new My Voodles feature allows anyone to create a video response. They don’t even have to register or sign up, keeping the conversation low-commitment and moving forward with ease. Once they send a Voodle video back, you’re already working together in a sense. 

Typing “I really shouldn’t do this” and adding a sweet little perk to an email follow-up doesn’t have nearly the power of an actual person saying it into a camera. Oh man, if you are interested I can sweeten the deal by… Real concern, real sincerity, real feeling conveyed in a video by your sales team. That will get folks to sit up straight in their chair and consider what you’re offering. The best part is, the client can respond and keep the conversation going whenever it’s most convenient for them. 

4. Re-Engagement and End of Conversation Final Video Message

Another great moment for a sales rep to include video in their pursuit of new customers is re-engagement or ending a communication. Even if you hit the wall and a lead has gone cold, a real pro will always give it one last swing, as a part of a farewell or re-engagement communication. However, a simple email that says something along the lines of  “So, it looks like we’ve lost some momentum and I totally hear where you’re coming from. Feel free to get back to me any time if you think our services might be able to help with your mission…” That email is likely the screen going black, the dial tone coming through the phonethe very end. 

Imagine that same type of “great to meet you, thanks for your consideration ” type of conciliatory email, but in video form. You can reiterate certain points you want to get across without having to type or say anything. You can show you’re easy to work with, you’re respectful, you’re dialed in and ready to go to work. A simple My Voodle video has a much greater likelihood of the person on the other end re-engaging or giving your pitch one last genuine consideration before cutting off talks. An email will likely just get archived, a Voodle—that’ll be watched, considered, and it might even bring the conversation back to life. 

5. Voodle is For Closers

The final powerful use case for Voodle’s new My Voodles feature is the highly anticipated “closing” communication. You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to send over the fine print and get the contracts signed. This has traditionally been done via email or fax, often accompanied by a synchronous phone call. However, now that work is spread across myriad time zones and “working hours” have taken on a new meaning, async workflows dominate. You want to be able to send off a contract and find it returned when you get back online. There’s no need for you and the client to be “working” at the same exact moment. 

So, skip that phone call and send a 60-second My Voodle along with the contract. You can reiterate how great the process has been, how excited you are to work with them, and your availability to answer any last questions that might remain. You can reinstill the sense of security, trust, and camaraderie one last time as you cross the finish line. This final Voodle might not be entirely necessary to complete your job, but I’d argue it will make you far better at it. Use the power of video to really connect and convey meaning to new clients, and watch your relationships (as well as results) in sales flourish.

Sales Teams: Add Voodle to Your Arsenals Today

Voodle is a game-changer for everyone, not just sales teams, but we’ve laid bare the impact short async video can have for your sales goals. In short, more face time, less scheduling stress. Get the personal touch you need more conveniently than ever. See how short async video expanded a small field sales team’s capabilities here and try Voodle today.


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