Water Cooler Moments – Beverly Vessella | Director of Product

Our awesome Head of Product Beverly Vessella connected with me to share some more personal details about how Voodle makes remote teamwork work. In this Water Cooler Moment, hear how she uses Voodle’s short async video platform with her product team. She’s especially psyched about how it’s improved collaboration, alignment and inspiration. Remote brainstorming via Voodle equips Beverly and her team to convey ideas over video in an async, authentic way. Give her interview a watch below, then read more updates with Beverly.

Transcript for Remote Brainstorming and Short Async Video Interview:

Voodle’s Water Cooler Moments series; We don’t want the limits of geography – or hostile office design – to keep people from connecting over a “water cooler moment.”

CARLY: Hey, folks. So I’ve got a couple of questions I’m going to be asking our head of product, Beverly, today. Beverly, can you share a little bit about how you actually use Voodle? Like what does that look like for your team on a day-to-day basis?

BEVERLY: Hey, Carly, I would say one of my favorite ways to use Voodle is really about contributing to brainstorming, because brainstorming in a meeting especially remote these days is just really hard.

We’re all staring at each other. We’re all kind of on the clock, you know, trying to get this all done in a meeting. And I feel like a lot of my creative ideas, like don’t come necessarily in that moment.

But I love having Voodle there to basically capture those moments of inspiration, contributing to a topic asynchronously. It helps us all just kind of put it on the back burner and like think about it. And then when something hits, just to be able to Voodle it from wherever you are.

I also think Voodle just captures the excitement around inspiration a lot better. I feel like it can I can explain things a lot better over Voodle. So that’s one thing I really like using it for.

So here’s a case in point:

Carly, I was thinking about your question, and I got up just to take a quick walk and think about those inspirational moments a little bit more. So when I’m kind of brainstorming and thinking something over, I love to get up and walk around. It just helps me get out of my headspace, get out of my seat, get my blood flowing a little bit. And often I come up with much better ideas that, you know, it’s so that are so easy to just record on the fly. And, you know, here I am walking around my neighborhood in Ballard.

It kind of gives my colleagues a sense of what’s going on in my life, what’s going on around me, and just paints a richer picture of my ideas in general. I feel like I can convey my ideas a lot better over video. My tone of voice. Maybe I’m showing something visual. But it’s a lot of fun over Voodle.

Another way that our team really likes to use Voodle is just to share those like really quick, fun, real moments during the day that we just all miss these days, now that we’re not actually next to each other in an office.

And, you know, Voodle is casual. It’s real. Life is funny.

All right, everybody. Watch out for slow children. 

There’s something about Voodles that makes it very real and authentic, and it’s awesome to hear from my teammates outside of a Zoom meeting or outside of the text on Slack.

It not only shows you know how we work, but who we are. And that’s super important to us as a team. It helps us build trust. We like each other. We work better together. And to me, that’s what being a team is.

CARLY: Thanks for those answers, Beverly.  It’s really helpful and awesome to see those little snippets in action to see what it actually means to get a taste of your coworkers life day-to-day, but also to be able to build on top of ideas together.

Thanks so much.


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