How to Voodle

Hi, welcome to Voodle! My name is Beverly. Join me as I walk through the Voodle app and learn how easy it is to discover and make voodles.

When opening the app, you’re immediately dropped into the Discover page, where you’ll find all your group’s voodles.  Tapping on one brings it full screen, and you can navigate among the voodles just by swiping up and down.

Creating a voodle is easy:


Just tap the plus button at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the voodle app recording flow. Set up which camera you’d like to record from!


Just hit Start. You can record your visual moments straight from your phone. When you’re finished, just hit Stop.


Share! Pick your appropriate Team and Channel. Toss in a quick description and hashtag if you want. Hit Post!

Our System Takes Care of the Rest!

Next, we’ll send your voodle off for transcription and analysis so we can add to your voodle knowledgebase. (This transcript will be automatically included when you share across integrated systems like Slack, Teams, or SalesForce!)

Here, you have the option to type a short description. This includes hashtags that will assist our smart database and your search choices in getting the most relevant voodles in front of your team when and where they need them.

Afterwards, post to the appropriate team channel. There, everyone in your channel will be able to watch your voodle. Enjoy!

We’re quickly adding more features, stay tuned!


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