Inviting Your Team to Voodle Just Got Easier: Email Tool Available NOW!

Congrats! You downloaded Voodle and took off towards the future of work and accelerated work processes. Now what?

We’re social creatures and our desire for connectivity is as urgent as ever during COVID-19. Whether you’re new to remote work and distributed teams or an old pro, you need your team. Voodle keeps human connection at the forefront of workplace alignment with async short video.

Voodle Teams

We’ve been hard at work to get voodlers access to faster work processes. You’ve been able to invite coworkers and teammates to specific teams by sharing your team code and the link to sign up for Voodle. Now, you can also plug in your teammates’ emails to send them straight to your Voodle Team. This feature is currently available for Android and web browser. iOS is coming soon! We’ve got quick how-to’s below to boost your team membership. Let’s get voodling!

Add Teammates via Email for Accelerated Work Processes

It’s an easy 1-2-3 to get your team looped in via email. 

Step 1: 

Click the “Add Teammates” button! Look for the purple person icon with the + beside it.

Step 2:

Type in their email address! You can click “Add email” to add multiple (everybody’s!) in one fell swoop.

Step 3:

Click “Send invite”. That’s it!

Use Your Team Code to Launch Your Async Remote Team

Sending team codes to invite is just a click, click, click for you. (but there are a few more quick steps for your teammates afterward.) 

Step 1: 

Click the…wait for it… “Add Teammates” button! 

Step 2:

Click “Copy invite”!

Step 3:

Paste the invite in any message on any platform to your team!

Your teammate will sign up, then click the “Join Team” option once they’re in Voodle. Then, they’ll enter the code you’ve sent and be ready to roll with a faster work process.

Team Time

Once your teammates accept your invites, you can hit the ground running. Use Voodle to keep your remote team connected and inspired through the faster, more emotionally personal format of async short video. Accelerated work processes come from talking faster than we type and skipping miscommunication from out of context text communication. We also do miss having face time with our coworkers when the time is right, especially if it’s not over yet another Zoom.

Launch Your Team on Voodle Today!

Get your team to download Voodle for FREE to capitalize on async, short video in the workplace. Additionally, take advantage of our integrations to add the power of video to your existing workflows. Our Slack integration is now available in the Slack app store! Watch your team take off with faster work processes and more human connection on Voodle!


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