Voodle Keeps Teams in Sync

As we launch the first public version of Voodle, I’m partway through reading Vernor Vinge’s Zones of Thought Trilogy (a Hugo Award-winning space opera — highly recommend!). The first book features the Tines, a species of tightly knit groups of lupine-like beings. Singular, they drift, lost and confused. To thrive, they form groups of 4-8 with complementary skills and take a single namesake. Tines feel and think together, and physically function separately; yet, they are in complete coordination as a seamless entity. A supernatural team. A team in sync.

Embracing the future of teams in sync

I think a lot about our team at Voodle. Like many teams around the world, COVID-19 made us more separate than ever. We bid goodbye to our office space for good just a few weeks ago, embracing a new future as a completely distributed company. I’m glad to say we’re stronger for it, but we are not Tines. I used to look forward to inspirational coffee walks 1:1s or an energetic kick-off meeting with our entire team. All of that is now starkly limited. It’s either a stream of endless words from Slack or an awkward Zoom grid talking at me.

zoom conference call
The Voodle team on a zoom call.

I miss context. The in-the-moment thoughts, happenings; show me something, but don’t hold me hostage on my end. I also miss being able to share ideas and brainstorm with my team — we were all right there, connected by place. It wasn’t always easy to coordinate before COVID-19, and many times harder now. Yes, we’re still efficient and productive. But, it’s been a real struggle to find ways to share information, stay in sync and keep our day peppered with fun and laughter. Because that’s who we are.

Then, we made a happy realization: Voodle goes a long way in making all this possible. We, at Team Voodle, started using our product as the bits came together, and discovered how happy it made us! I record short videos wherever I am to stay connected with friends and family, why not with my team?

The start of something amazing.

Voodle began as a concept: TikTok for the Enterprise…sort of. It’s about short, casual video that can be used to share important business moments when they happen, organize activities and even build camaraderie that was so easily formed in the office.

The real treasure is taking the things consumers love most about their short video apps and marrying those with features and functions critical for business. Things like groups, channels, content libraries, search functionality, transcription for copy & paste, and integration with key workplace tools like Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot and more. It’s a short video app designed to boost workplace productivity in an engaging and authentic way.

Short video keeps your team in sync.

row of videos from voodle
The Voodle team, sharing a smilies.

Short video, in itself, is a powerful medium. It’s rich and pithy, it says so much without needing to say anything. With Voodle, capturing the context of your surroundings, intonations, and expressions is simple. Watching them is just as easy — I can scan through or jump around using the transcription. Sharing them with my team is where the power of Voodle really shines. I feel so much more in sync with my team and information flow.

The future is bright.

In the bigger picture, Voodle aims to surface the most relevant information for you at any time, anywhere. We’ve just scratched the surface as we put in our trending voodles, most loved voodles and “mentions reel” — which you’ll find if you do a search once there’s a critical mass of content. As we understand more about your preferences and interests, we hope to make Voodle an indispensable part of the way your team works, collaborates and becomes more productive.

Tines drawing
A fan art poster featuring a Tine

Suddenly, it feels like my team is back. While Voodle can’t replace real-life (nor can it make us Tines!), it can give us that sense of human connection. The day is much better with Voodle — seeing and hearing from my team is fun and informative. It connects us together again in a much more meaningful and engaging way.


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