Voodle Summary

“I’m so excited to sift through those meeting notes!” -No One. Ever.

Meetings can drive productivity, or they can stifle it. We’re all suffering Zoom fatigue, but some things can only happen when we’re online together. However, an empathetic approach to work acknowledges that teammates are not going to be 100% “on” 100% of the time. Meeting notes can be a vital tool for tracking thought processes, decisions, and goals, but they can also be a considerable headache to revisit. Alternatively, opting for effective meeting summaries can ensure the desired outcomes come to fruition. A Voodle Summary applies the power of short async video to your meeting recaps to improve understanding and productivity.

Meeting Notes X Emotional Context

Video provides the emotional context of facial expressions and tone. A Voodle Summary lets you relay meeting notes and tasks while upkeeping clarity and empathy in your recaps. Effective meeting summaries can support productivity by preserving the work done and decisions made in any given meeting. On the other hand, long, text write-ups often create more work for the people in the meeting and confusion for teammates who may have missed the meeting altogether. Moreover, strictly text-based communication prevents us from using most of our natural tools to discern meaning. Dr. Melissa Ritter breaks this down in Psychology Today:

“In the absence of facial expression, tone of voice, gesture or good old-fashioned “vibe,” we have very little to help us discern what the other person is trying to tell us. Without these clarifying cues, we frequently “fill in the blanks” with our customary worries and assumptions.

So, if we are given to feeling criticized, we will read criticism into the words. If we are nervous about being rejected, “evidence” confirming this will be easily discovered. If we are anxious about demands being made on us, many messages will read as imperatives.”

Don’t leave communication up to chance. Utilize short async video to let teammates summarize, view, and respond whenever and wherever they work. Other features, like our Slack integration, seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow to accelerate and humanize the work you already do.

Make a Voodle Summary Today

In the remote work world, the right tech stack can make or break your team. Create effective meeting summaries using short async video to salvage both productivity and empathy among teammates. We talk faster than we type and your team can view voodles at 2X speed, making a recap of meeting notes snappy and usable. Give a Voodle Summary a try after your team’s next meeting!


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