Pixvana farewell, hello Voodle

Pixvana’s journey into the realm of XR (VR, AR, MR) began in 2016, with a mission to create an amazing platform to enable XR storytelling. After a while, that mission evolved into SPIN Studio. This platform infused the industry with a breadth of innovative features for authoring and publishing immersive video. We are incredibly proud of the ground-breaking technology we’ve built and our team’s contributions to this nascent industry.

While the XR market has progressed in numerous ways, it has yet to cross the chasm from early to wide adoption, nor developed into an industry broad enough to support a business like ours. As a result, we are announcing that Pixvana will discontinue the support and development of SPIN Studio. We hope other visionaries may follow in our footsteps when the time is right to bring our original mission to life and unleash the power of XR to an audience waiting in the wings.

We’ve been continually impressed by the thousands of customers SPIN Studio has served over the years: people who push boundaries to take their organizations and teams to new places. A group of true trailblazers, out-of-the-box thinkers, doers, and creators. If you are one of our SPIN Studio users, please check your inbox for more information from us.

The Pixvana team is still together and, with the support of our investors and board, hard at work on a brand new and very exciting project, one outside the XR space. If you’d like to sign up for ongoing notices please keep in touch.


The former Pixvana team from 2015-2019.

Now, Team Voodle, Inc.!

We have now announced what we are up to! As of March 2020 we are in private beta for Voodle. This short video app lets you capture, share and discover important business moments through the power of short video.


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