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Funesse is a next-gen remote creative team that needed a next-gen solution for collaboration. As they put it, they’re all about fun with finesse. Using video chat for work equipped their team to capture details, in-the-moment ideas, and personalities like never before. Hear it straight from the source! Check out their blog on Voodle’s impact for their team and watch our video with co-founder Megan Lillick below:


MEGAN: Hi, I’m Megan Lillick. I’m one of the co-founders of a creative collective called funesse.

We specialize in creative marketing solutions for purpose-driven businesses, products, and services we believe in.

To lean into our entire M.O. of having fun co-creating is exactly why we chose Voodle for space to brainstorm project funesse. We’re all across the globe, from Berlin to Bristol to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

MEGAN: So it’s been fun using our Voodle to create a brainstorm stream where we share ideas in the moment on everything related to branding. I was in Sardinia working from there and a change of scenery. And all I could see were our colors, our brand colors in the wild. So, yeah, showcasing that through our brainstorm stream was fun and inspiring.

We really have fun using Voodle, and it’s been a nice way to keep up our team spirit and creative vibes. Yeah, across oceans. If it’s raining in Berlin and Bristol, which it often is, it’s always sunny in Brazil.

MEGAN: What I like most about Voodle is that it’s fun, which is totally in line with our brand. It really is simple and a unique way for us to connect across time zones to get even the simplest thought across.

Voodle is f-ing awesome. F for funesse.

It really does capture creativity in the moment it arrives.

“Voodle is awesome. It really does capture creativity in the moment it arrives – powering our globally distributed team to maximize creative thinking while moving projects along quickly. Time zones are no longer a barrier to ideation and innovation.”

close up of blonde white woman smiling at camera

Megan Lillick

Co-founder, funesse

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The funesse team accelerates creativity and collaboration across time zones with Voodle. We’ve been able to bring video chat for work from Seattle to Boston to São Paulo to Berlin and beyond! Start voodling today for FREE or schedule a quick demo to help you get started.


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