Remote Resolutions:
Bringing in the New Year with Team Voodle

I know, I know… Not another New Year’s Resolutions Blog. But the fact of the matter is that resolutions, or setting goals in general,  are a critical part of building team alignment and morale. In light of so many teams being abruptly thrust into a remote work world this past year, the urgency around knowing where we’re headed as a company is as high as ever. Choosing to make “Remote Resolutions” as individuals on a team can help light the way ahead. You can’t kill your goals if you never set them. And Team Voodle? We’ve got #goals.

Kicking Off Remote Resolutions

Voodle particularly loved this breakdown from the New York Times on best ways to pick and to keep your resolutions. Specifically, they encourage picking resolutions that are S.M.A.R.T., aka: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timebound

In addition to using this framework for goal setting, resolutions are a lot easier to keep to if you have a plan and a support system to keep you accountable. Enter the Voodle team! 

At Voodle, we introduced Remote Resolutions into our Culture Wednesday check-in video call. We made a “Voodle Resolutions” channel in our team, a centralized location for us to gather all the voodles. This easily allowed our team to reflect and build on these goals and asynchronously check out our teammates’ Remote Resolutions.

2 rows of video 8 video stills with different people smiling and facing a hand held camera

Then, to shape the exercise a little more intentionally, we recommended that folks spotlight one of three categories in their voodle. (Or all three in three separate voodles!)

  • Personal Growth #personal
  • Professional Development #career
  • Improved Remote Work Lifestyle #remotelife

Check out some examples of Remote Resolutions from Team Voodle & use async short video to set your own with your teammates:

Into The New Year with Remote Resolutions…

None of us know exactly what 2021 will bring, but Team Voodle is glad we’ve got each other. After the year we’ve all had, a little positive reflection and intention-setting for the future can go a long way. Be sure to try making some Remote Resolutions with your team as you ring in the new year! Download Voodle today to see what async short video can do for you.


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