Tips to Build Remote Team Alignment

Team alignment is more than making sure co-workers understand the tasks at hand. True alignment, especially remote team alignment, requires shared emotional investment, trust in leadership, and an accessible, up-to-date knowledge base. Don’t worry, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Many tried and true tactics exist and we have a quick and easy round-up for you right here.

Use these tips to maintain mutual commitment and clarity around goals for your place of work. Check out the infographic and additional resources below for more remote work best practices to keep in mind when cultivating and hiring remote talent.

Infographic with white and teal background listing Tips to Build Remote Team Alignment

TLDR Version:

1. Use Async Standups

Lean into available async tools whenever possible, especially for things like regular standups.

2. Build an Identity

Keep up a strong, healthy remote company culture to keep your whole crew on board.

3. Write a Handbook

An accessible doc to walk everyone through norms and resources forms a foundation for remote team alignment.

4. Voodle Brainstorm

Using short async video to brainstorm will let your team see each other in action and build together.

5. Public Goal Document

Above all, choose transparency. Make it happen. You got this.

Want more FREE resources beyond remote team alignment?

Our downloadable resources cover remote work best practices like hiring remote talent and choosing the right day-to-day tools in addition to psychological safety in the workplace. Click below for all the infographics, research reports, playbooks, and deep-dive guides you need to launch into the future of work.


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