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Dispersed teams aren’t a new concept. However, an abrupt shift to remote/dispersed work being our only option was a monumental shock to the system. Approaching one year of this pandemic, some workplaces still struggle but others innovated spectacularly in their remote team-building efforts. These pushes for human connection at work are pivotal to everyone’s success and wellbeing. Team Voodle offers async short video as the way to take these efforts to the next level with Voodle Challenges.


Benefits of Async Remote Team Building

Google “remote team building.” Have fun sorting through scroll after scroll of listicles for virtual ways to bond…and dragging your team through more hours on Zoom. Don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome ideas out there. That being said, “fun” activities at work are not immune to all of the other elements that batter our mental health and focus level during a video call. A psychological exploration of Zoom fatigue broken down here can offer us some insight.

As it says in the article, “[a] core psychological component of fatigue is a rewards-costs tradeoff that happens in our minds unconsciously.” Human connection can give us HUGE “rewards”, but the “costs” our brains suffer by trying to be alert on Zoom often outway any perceived human connection. ” Things like audio delays and lack of mutual gaze actively hinder our ability to connect and build trust. “There is robust evidence on how eye contact improves connection—faster responses, more memorization of faces, and increased likeability and attractiveness. These tools that make interactions organically rewarding are compromised over video.” Instead, choose async short video you can forgo these challenges. Participate on your schedule in the way that best fits your emotional and work style.

Post a Voodle Challenge Today

In the end, we all crave human connection at work. Remote team building can preserve some of what we lost, but leadership must be intentional with their tools of choice. Opt for short async video challenges to get to know your colleagues and push them creatively while letting them participate in their own way. Use our sample onboarding challenge, an open-ended scavenger hunt, any of our other samples, or show off your own ideas. Try a Voodle Challenge today!


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