Remote Work Culture: Seattle Startup “Mystery” Relies on Voodle

No, it’s not a “mystery” who we’re spotlighting. Seattle-based Mystery is a startup that specializes in providing in-home and night-out adventures, and they’ve adopted Voodle as a primary business communication tool! We connected with co-founder and CEO Shane Kovalsky to dive into all the ways our short video app works for his remote team.

Watch Our Mystery Interview Here:

Meet Mystery

Over the last two years, Mystery emerged with an adventurous spirit and a deft fit for their users. Kovalsky’s team zeroed in on the best way to plan a night that meets your tastes, curiosities, and budget. They do the planning, you enjoy the surprise! After COVID19, Mystery hit the ground running to make the shifts in the world work for them. They now offer a Mystery Night In, plus Mystery for Business which includes Corporate Team Events and Corporate Gifting. Mystery’s packaged adventures are coming through for individuals and companies when “Zoom happy hours” just aren’t cutting it. That being said, the team at Mystery was not immune to the effects of losing a physical office.

“We’re actually getting to know them… Getting to know them more than just slack or email or maybe a zoom call.”


The COVID Remote Work Challenge

Pre-COVID, Mystery had a vibrant office culture. They drew in employees who had tried their product first and knew this was the kind of business they could get behind. Mystery’s in-office vibe was energizing, so it’s not shocking that the shift to remote work left a void in their employee’s lives. Zoom and Slack were fine for the basics of work, but more human and spontaneous moments were being lost. Mystery’s leadership team was looking for something more to help maintain their culture and drive personal connections. As a next-gen, asynchronous short video app made for teams, Voodle was just what they needed.

“Voodle really fit for those small moments that kind of brought the team together.”


Building Company Culture through the Power of Short Video

Voodle helps teams overcome the challenges of the new workplace by transforming the way information is shared and discovered across an organization. Mystery has embodied the ways Voodle can unite their employees in powerful ways despite being dispersed across home offices, which include kitchens, basements, and even an outdoor shed! Here’s how Voodle helps:

  • More effective asynchronous updates
  • More authentic human connection

Sharing Asynchronous Updates

We talk faster than we type and listen faster than we read. A quick video can capture and relay details to your team anywhere. Mystery has used Voodles to provide on-the-ground updates to the entire team, as well as across specific departments. During a new photoshoot, the marketing team shares Voodles to keep everyone in on the action. Short video updates help the entire team almost feel like they’re at the shoot too.

Additionally, Mystery uses Voodle to document construction of its new Denver warehouse for the organization. Email updates with attached photos from halfway across the country don’t quite capture the progress and excitement of this pivotal project for a young and growing company. With Voodle, Mystery’s Seattle team can watch short videos from their in-person connection to see exactly how the warehouse is coming together. All at their own convenience.

Reviving Human Connection

We’ve talked before about the loss of “water cooler moments” due to the shift to remote work. Our spontaneous exchanges while we’re on the move at work allow us to connect as people, not just as colleagues. Kovalsky shared that Voodle makes a huge difference in filling that gap. Mystery’s newer hires benefit from the Voodle Library (an AI-powered, searchable database of all company voodles) in particular. A quick search through Mystery’s Voodle history gives insight into individual personalities, team dynamics, and more.

In addition to team-specific channels for internal updates, Mystery continues to create original, organic channels that keep things fun. Organic channels popping up are a great sign of culture health, and Mystery’s inspired us with quite a few of theirs:

Thursday Vibes

Mystery has been killing it with this weekly 60-second lip sync challenge. Voodle allows folks to contribute and enjoy when it’s convenient for them.


With a team full of foodies, Mystery shares tons of delicious meals with each other, as well as pandemic safe recommendations for food adventures.

Cute Things

Sometimes, you just need a cat video. Or a dog video. Or to get to know your colleague’s cute kids and family a bit better.

Put Short Video to Work

In the end, the benefits of Voodle for Mystery were clear:

  • On-the-ground project updates are accessible and clear from anywhere
  • Lost “water cooler moments” are replaced with authentic, short videos
  • New hires can get up to speed on the people and jump into company culture
  • Remote work is now an opportunity for creativity and team bonding through Voodle!

It’s easy to get started using Voodle. Click here to download the app for the web or on a phone, create a group. Then, make and share voodles with colleagues, teams, or an entire organization! 

“This is the best async experience out there that allows you to get to know your people.”

-Shane Kovalsky, co-founder and CEO of Mystery

With the click of a mouse or tap of the finger, you can record and share short videos with coworkers across the Voodle platform – or to other business applications, like Slack, Salesforce, and Hubspot. Our team is hard at work connecting users like Mystery with the features they need.

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