Introducing Multiple Segment Recording

Short video apps are everywhere and for good reason. We talk faster than we type and understand human facial expressions better than the tone of text.

Voodle is the short video app made for teams, built for an ever-changing work environment. We’re psyched to announce an expansion of Voodle’s capacity as a tool for storytelling in your team communication.

Voodles for Storytelling

To summarize, Voodles are short 60 second videos to collaborate asynchronously with your team. Recording one is simple and straightforward: Just press start to begin recording one then share it with your team. We think of this simplicity as a feature of our platform.

But we also understand that voodlers want to make clear and engaging points, and some ideas may require more elaborate storytelling. One of the ways to enable more elaborate storytelling is by giving voodlers a larger toolset to make voodles.

Multiple Segments Within Short Video

Today, we are happy to introduce our newest storytelling tool on our short video app: the ability to record multiple segments of a voodle. 

With multiple segments, you can pause a recording halfway, readjust the camera or collect yourself to convey your next thoughts, then start recording again. The time you spend paused does not contribute to the 60 second voodle limit. You can record as many segments as you want that fit into 60 seconds!

If you record a segment you don’t like you can delete it, and keep all your previous segments around. This is a useful feature if you find yourself re-recording your entire voodle to get your perfect delivery. 

What can I do with them?

So, what can you do with multiple segments?

  • If you have a complex thought, record it in small chunks, and retake segments that you want to perfect.
  • Create segments to flip from the selfie camera to the outward-facing camera to show the viewers what you see. 
  • Capture segments over a period of time to show the progression of a project.
  • Create a fun stop-motion animation to entertain your teammates!

The creative possibilities are endless! Right now this feature is only available on the iOS app, but it is coming to the other platforms in the future. Anyone, on either our Android or Web platforms, can view a segmented voodle. We hope your team will enjoy both making and viewing voodles with multiple segments!

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