UX Design of the Year – Top 5 for 2021

Nominees for the 2021 GeekWire Awards arrived and we’ve been nominated for UX Design of the year! Vote until April 30 here and see winners announced live on May 20 here. Voodle is proud to be in such good company as the innovative folks also nominated for their thoughtful UX. As designer Frank Chimero puts it, “People ignore design that ignores people.” These nominees clearly put real human beings front and center with their design choices. Check out the full lineup and a bit of our work below:

2021 Nominees

1. Boundless: Platform to Empower Immigrants

Firstly is Seattle-based Boundless. Identifying as a “modern immigration company,” Boundless streamlines the application process for green cards and citizenship at affordable rates. Additionally, their website offers supplemental guides and tutorials for free. According to the judges, Boundless’ “UX solves for barriers to adoption by creating a clean, simple UI of a very complex, time-consuming (and likely frustrating) process.”

2. Joon: Teletherapy With Great UX

Secondly, we have Joon! This mobile app provides teletherapy to clients between age 13 and 24 through UX described by the judges as “simple, trust-building and affirming for pandemic-weary teenage users [that] gives them daily tools to use along with one-on-one therapy sessions.” Especially considering the spike in mental health concerns across the board with the realities of the pandemic, we’re ecstatic to see such a talented group of people taking on this challenge.

3. Qumulo Core: Large Scale Data for Effective Workflow

Following that, Qumulo: Qumulo Core joins the race. This enterprise tool prioritizes simplicity without sacrificing storage and management capabilities. As a cloud-native file data platform built for large-scale data, Qumulo Core can handle whatever workload you throw its way. In the words of the judges, it “[m]akes interacting with and capturing key elements of a data-dense dashboard intuitive with smart features and functionality.”

4. Tagboard Producer: Redesigning Social Content Production

Our penultimate nominee, Tagboard: Tagboard Producer takes live programming’s social content to an unheard of level. For instance, users (like the MLB, NBS, and CNN) can pull content from across social platforms. Then, they can brand, and integrate this content into their programming on the fly. Tagboard scored highly for its “novel solution & delightfulness scale, as well as overall product value to users.”

5. Voodle: Transformative Connection for the Future of Work

*drum roll please*

It’s us! A platform available across iOS, Android, and web, Voodle is the async short video app purpose built for the workplace. GeekWire judges saw that Voodle “made videos easy to create and consume and uniquely brought additional power with transcriptions, idea aggregation and search” with our product. In short, we’re here to humanize and optimize the workplace experience as a faster, more emotionally competent tool for the modern workplace.

UX Design to Transform the Workplace

In conclusion, UX design steers the way we interact with technology as individuals and as communities. Awards like this one simply reflect the opinions of a few. That being said, Team Voodle appreciates the recognition and the opportunity to learn about these stellar nominees. To pull a quote from software designer Alan Cooper, “If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likable person: respectful, generous and helpful.”

UX is the avenue for creators to meet their users respectfully where they’re at, and then be generous and helpful in getting them where they need to go. Voodle continues to push towards that ideal experience.

Vote for the #2021GeekWireAwards by April 30 here and see winners announced live on May 20 here.


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