Voodle Posts – A Better Way to Do External Communication

COVID accelerated many shifts already in progress across the way we do work. We were hard at work on our async short video (ASV) solution long before offices shuttered, teams dispersed, and plane trips to see clients fizzled out, but the last two years have revolutionized our approach to our video messaging for work platform.

Our methods of communicating with potential clients, loyal customers, and teammates alike needed to transform effectively to stay competitive. At a basic level, async short video offers a way to stay flexible and protect human connection. But the latest improvement in the functionality of our app now promises a better way to do external communication.

We’re proud to introduce the latest and greatest development in video messaging for work: Voodle Posts.

So… what IS a Voodle Post?

Simply put: a Voodle Post is a short video message you can share with anyone, anywhere that sparks a separate chat between you and whoever responds.

The gif to the left breaks it down visually. Voodle user Ashley (hey, Ashley!) recorded an initial message to give each of her clients an update. She wanted them to know not only that her schedule was changing and why, but she also wanted to share this info in a more friendly way without scheduling a bunch of meetings.

Then, as each of her clients responded, she was able to seamlessly transition into private video messages.

Posts enable Voodle users to put a human face at the center of their business relationships. They also protect your schedule. Video messaging for work strengthens existing connections and puts a more human touch on external communications that expand your business.

Video Messaging for Work is the Next Gen Solution for External Communication

None of us know exactly what the future of work holds, but incredible new technology advancements arrive every day. We do know that the best tools can improve our productivity and connections with the people who help us #getsh*tdone.

That’s why our relationship-based video messaging platform puts your face and voice directly in front of the candidates, clients, colleagues, and collaborators who keep your business moving. Wins at work require trusted connections, but leaning on parades of zoom calls and feverish email follow-ups to build rapport can quickly snowball into burnout and weak ties.

Don’t settle for easily eroded relationships. Choose asynchronous short video messaging for work to reinforce agency and unlock agility without sacrificing authenticity.


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