Voodle Cheers

Don’t let remote work crash your team morale. Use Voodle to post short videos or appreciate and recognition at work, aka a Voodle Cheers! You can capture a Voodle from wherever and whenever you work, so a Voodle Cheers can come out of organic and authentic moments. We’ve got a quick overview with some fun examples for you to watch here:

The Importance of Appreciation & Recognition at Work

It’s normal to want our work recognized. We want to know that our work and our role matter to our team. We also want to be understood as full human beings regardless of outcomes. This Harvard Business Review article broke down the importance for both recognition and appreciation:

“Even when people succeed, inevitably there will be failures and challenges along the way; depending on the project, there may not even be tangible results to point to. If you focus solely on praising positive outcomes, on recognition, you miss out on lots of opportunities to connect with and support your team members — to appreciate them.”

Studies show time and time again that teammates are more likely to stay on in an environment where they feel recognized. Check out some general tips for employee recognition here and give Voodle Cheers a shot with your team!

Make a Voodle Cheers Today

Celebrating teammates doesn’t need to be a huge endeavor. Normalize giving appreciation and recognition on a regular basis with Voodle. Try making a designated place for “Voodle Cheers” to be shared in Voodle. Turn on the Slack integration to make sure your shoutouts are available from wherever your team gives kudos! Dispersed and remote teams don’t need to feel distant emotionally. Make a Voodle Cheers today! Use our async short video platform to shoutout & uplift your team.


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