Voodle Standup

Work standups are hit-or-miss, to say the least. They can be a pivotal moment of connection and inspiration where we gain insight into the work of our teammates and how it aligns with our collective work towards company goals. Or, they can feel like a zombie standup. Everyone sits around waiting to speak instead of actively listening (because, to be fair, the “quick” regular updates probably grew monotonous) and no one ends up feeling seen or heard. Today, multiply the negatives by the weight of Zoom fatigue. It’s not pretty. We offer an async alternative: the Voodle Standup. Put the power over your time and energy back into your hands while letting your teammates feel seen and heard.

Recipe for a Better Work Standup

A Voodle Standup lets teammates prep, record, and post in their own way and on their own timeline. The asynchronous nature of our app means you can do your standup in your own time, in your place of choice, and your teammates can also view in Voodle their own terms. Our platform allows you to view at 2x speed; plus, we already talk 6x faster than we type. Then, transcripts are automatically generated in case you want to focus on a single element of a standup at a glance after the fact. Setting up regular time frames for standup postings (e.g. Tuesday afternoons) helps to build expectations and reliability, but doesn’t totally disrupt your team’s workflow. If you’re working with a distributed team, this can open the door for even more flexibility when it comes to teammates in different timezones. (e.g. Tuesday standups, any time!)

Instead of leaving your team wondering why they’re stuck in another meeting in the first place, enable them to zero in on what matters in a way that aligns with their work style and doesn’t make their attention span suffer. Standups should keep things moving, not drag with unrelated conversations. Turn to other intentionally people-centered activities, like a Voodle Challenge, for supporting culture at work instead of trying to cram things into a meeting. Let your work standups be work-focused. Get your team the information they need to stay aligned in a way that works best for them, and you!

Make a Voodle Standup Today

Try making your next round of work standups a Voodle Standup! We purpose-built Voodle for the modern workplace. That includes your home office, your kitchen table, or your basement. Team Voodle built our app natively for iOS, Android, and web so your team can record and post from their preferred time, place, and device. Boost anything from small wins to product updates to sales prospects using short async video. Bring human connection, alignment, and productivity front and center among colleagues.


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