Voodle Your Way: Announcing Slack Integration

We love that voodlers have been voodling voodles using our web, iOS, or Android apps – empowering teams with the ability to collaborate with short videos is what we live for. We know that your teams use a lot of platforms to connect and we have heard you loud and clear that integrations are key. We’ve had integrations for Slack, Hubspot, SalesForce, and more in the works behind the scenes at Voodle.

That’s why we’re excited to share this update:

Today, we are happy to announce that our Slack integration is live!!

Now when you post voodles, they can automatically post to relevant Slack channels instantaneously!

How Does Slack Integration Work?

Step One: Set it up!

  • Sign into Voodle on the web
  • Click your profile
  • Click on Slack Integration
  • Connect!
  • Pair your Voodle & Slack channels

Voodle automatically announces the connection in your Slack channel.

Step Two: Start Voodling

  • The Slack icon will be appear next to every voodle channel that is connected
  • Post voodles as normal and a preview message will be posted to Slack automatically

Watch this quick run through from one of our rockstar engineers Ting-yi!

Launch Voodle with Slack Now!

Now your voodles show up right where work happens. Short videos are a great compliment to the short text and emoji-based messages you are sending now. Sometimes it’s just better to be able to quickly create a video message (you talk 6X faster than you type) and viewers get the added benefit of hearing your tone of voice, seeing your facial expressions, and body language. Understood each other in a way you haven’t been before on Slack.

Connect Your Team With Voodle for iOS, Web and Android – Now With Slack Integration

Sign up today to sync with your team using short videos from anywhere. From our team to yours, happy voodling!


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