Voodle Your Way: Announcing Webcam and Android!

Voodle for iOS has been in the hands of users for a few months already, empowering teams with the ability to collaborate with short videos. Voodling from iOS has been great! However, very few teams can be fully up and running without including folks who want to voodle from their webcam or Android.

We know your teams use different devices because everyone has unique preferences. And, we’ve heard loud and clear that you want Voodle to work across all the platforms where team collaboration happens. 

That’s why we’re excited to share this update:

Today, we are happy to announce that you can use Voodle across any device!

In addition to Voodle for iOS, you can now make voodles using our short video app via…

  • Any browser, using your webcam
  • Any Android device

Let’s expand on these a bit.

Voodle from Your Webcam

In this Covid-era, many of us are spending more time than usual in front of desktops or laptops. Our in-person meetings have been swapped for synchronous video calls, email, or a chatbox. Now it’s easier than ever to stay connected and build culture in a remote workplace because Voodle for desktop allows users to record short videos directly from their webcam the moment inspiration strikes!

Before today, you could already go to app.voodle.com to watch, like, and comment on your teammate’s voodles. Now, you can create voodles from the same place, without having to pick up another device!  It’s all the easier to voodle when Voodle works where you work.

Recording from webcam is as straightforward as the app:

  1. Create a voodle from any page in the web app
  2. Add a description
  3. Post it to a channel in the team! 

Sign Up Now for Android!

An Android app is our most requested feature by far, and it’s no surprise given the market share of non-iOS devices! We hear you. The more the merrier, and the more active your Voodle teams can be! Let’s leave no one out.

With the Android Voodle app, you can now record voodles, like and comment, swap teams, jump between channels and participate fully in the whole voodle experience. Aka, you can now:


Record a customer moment, account update, team announcement, feature release, and more with the simple tap of a button.


In an instant, share important moments with a few people or many, across the places work gets done most. 


Use Voodle’s AI-powered search to find the information most relevant to you or sit back to watch a summary reel.


Use Voodle’s AI-powered search to find the information most relevant to you or sit back to watch a summary reel.

This app was made from scratch for Android. It runs much more smoothly than many other Android apps that have been adapted from another platform.

Voodle on Android is now available, so sign up! Everyone on your team will feel included and part of the full Voodle experience.

Connect Your Team With Voodle for iOS, Webcam and Android!

Sign up today to sync with your team using short videos from anywhere. From our team to yours, happy voodling!


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