Water Cooler Moments – Joah Gonzalez | VP of Product at Voodle

VP of Product Joah Gonzalez jumped into our Water Cooler Moments series with key insights as a product leader. He talks async short video for hiring at a tech startup & what he’s searching for as he expands his remote team.

Specifically, Joah lays out the importance of building strong business relationships, how he values this as a hiring manager, and how short video messaging at work is a game-changer for relationship building. As a hiring manager on a quickly growing remote team, he struggled to carve out the time needed for recruiting and interviewing. As a result, he incorporated Voodle into his hiring process. Then, he shared the results with us in this async interview:

Transcript for VP of Product about Short Video for Hiring:

CARLY: Hey, Joah. It’s Carly. For our watercooler moment series, can you please show off where you’re working from today?

JOAH: Hey, Carly. I am working from my home office in Austin, Texas. I’ll give you a quick look around. This is my coworker, Remy. He spends most of the day just sleeping on my bed here. Then, this is the view from my home office. I’m looking out in the Hill Country in Austin. So that was a quick look around. Really enjoy working from home and communicating with my coworkers over Voodle. 

CARLY: Right now, what has been the biggest pain as you try to expand your remote team as a hiring manager?

JOAH: The biggest pain that I’m experiencing right now is the hiring manager trying to grow my team is more just carving out that time necessary for recruiting and interviewing. There’s a lot going on here every day and Voodle.

And it’s been difficult to make the time for reviewing resumes. For conducting phone screens, for scheduling and conducting interviews. For bringing in more candidates into the pipeline. You know, all that stuff takes time, and it’s been really hard just to make that dedicated time for recruiting. 


So, you’ve been using Voodle in your hiring process as you try to build out your team. What has been the biggest difference you’ve noticed in incorporating Voodle into that process?


So I’ve been using Voodle in the hiring process to send personalized video messages to candidates that I want to have further conversations with. I’m using this as an alternative to email or a message on LinkedIn. And what I found is that it’s really created a strong relationship right off the bat with candidates. 

It’s increased my response rate when I do these reach outs. And ultimately it just leads to a better interviewing experience for both sides. We both get to know a little bit about each other before we start that phone screen or start the in-person interviews. So, I found Voodle has been a great tool to build those relationships early.


Obviously, you are a product leader (VP of Product) for a product built to bring teams together in a totally new way. So, how does that impact what you’re looking for as you build out your own remote team as a hiring manager?


If I can distill it down to one thing that I feel like Voodle is great for, it’s really about building strong business relationships. For example, those can be relationships with your coworkers, with your customers, clients, prospects, anybody that you work with. So I feel like Voodle is a perfect tool to build those relationships and keep them strong.

As far as what I’m looking for in my team, I’m looking for people who realize that relationships do matter and can get behind the mission of building a tool that enables people to build strong relationships that work. And I’m also looking for people who care about their own relationships. So somebody who’s very collaborative and enjoys working well with others, that’s just a key component of what I’m looking for as I look to expand my team.


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