Why Voodle Makes Teams Better in Remote Work

Keeping your team aligned and connected in remote work with short async video is a big part of our mission here at Voodle. It’s the key to productivity, whether you typically work together in an office or are part of a distributed workforce. (Aka, most of us right now!). Lessons from any research paper or “how-to” guide on the topic generally boil down to a few key principles:

  • create trust
  • be transparent
  • set clear goals
  • communicate consistently.

Having the right tools in place to get this done is critical. Historically the basic set-up would include a video conferencing platform like Zoom and a unified messaging platform like Slack. With the introduction of short-form video platforms like Voodle, a third modality has arrived. This choice optimizes when and how communication happens to further enhance team dynamics and productivity. 

Sometimes a Slack message just doesn’t provide enough context. That said, no one wants to add yet another Zoom call to an already cluttered calendar. Here’s how teams are using Voodle to stay in sync.

Trust & Transparency:

These two go hand in hand. First, your team needs to understand the “why” behind what you are asking them to do. How does their daily work contribute to the overall vision and strategy of the company? The typical toolset includes regular all-hands meetings and emails from the CEO. Now, company and team leadership can use Monday Morning Musings or Daily Inspiration voodles to fire up the troops and keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Forest, Voodle's CEO, sharing his thoughts to the team about the product.

Second, personal connections need to be developed and maintained to create trust between and across teams. Quarterly team-building offsites, regular social events (or Zoom Happy Hours), and lunch buddy programs are standard fare. However, they cannot happen regularly and often inadvertently exclude certain parts of the team (remote workers, care-givers that can’t stay after work, etc). Voodle Challenges have popped up as a simple, fun, regular way to get to know your co-workers better using just a few minutes out of everyone’s day.

A search for "homeoffice" in Voodle returning several voodles showing each team members home office.

Goal Setting & Communication:

A hallmark of highly productive teams is a leader who sets clear expectations, provides timely feedback, and connects regularly at the team and 1-1 level. Being a great communicator can have an unwanted downside – way too many meetings or video calls on the calendar leaving little time for our to-do lists. To avoid too many disruptions, managers have used email and messaging but often worry their tone can be misunderstood. Enter Voodle

Instead of an hour long daily kick-off call – one team in our beta program started voodling their focus and goals for the day. Each team member took one minute to make their own voodle and then 5 minutes reviewing posts from relevant team members (sometimes at 2X speed!). They saved tons of time while creating a record of commitments that could be referenced later in one-on-ones. 

A search for "dailycommitment" in Voodle returning several voodles showing each team members hit list for the day.

There are many scenarios where a quick video is the most efficient way to communicate something one-to-many and, by posting to the group’s Voodle pool, it becomes part of a growing searchable base of knowledge. Keeping your team aligned and connected in remote work with short async video has never been easier.

Tell us how you would use Voodle to stay in sync and sign up today.


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