Workplace Inspiration – What Do I Voodle?

You and your team need the best tools out there. Therefore, you’re ready to give short video a try at work. For instance, maybe you’ve even recorded a quick “Hello!” voodle to share with your team, but are unsure of where to take it from here. We’ve got you covered! Check out the quick videos below to see some workplace inspiration for types of voodles. Then, give one a try!

Voodle Challenge

Voodle Connect

Voodle Storm

Voodle Summary

Voodle Cheers

Voodle Update

Voodle Standup

Voodle Offsite

What does workplace inspiration look like today?

While many of us crave the in-office experience we lost with the pandemic, we’ve all seen the benefits of working from home. Consequently, any companies that want to successfully compete for talent will need to offer a viable remote option. Although some companies may be able to replicate elements of the old “HQ,” it will be likely created in a hybrid work context, not with 100% of the company fully back-in-office. In other words, there’s no going back.

A core fear with the loss of a physical HQ is the lack of spark that comes from face-to-face or shared space connections. However, with Voodle, workplace inspiration can happen beyond the in-person experience. For example, companies like Seattle-based startup Mystery let Voodle become their virtual office in many ways, particularly around culture and relationship building. As a result, the field has been leveled for all of their employees across the US, not just the ones based in Seattle.

Workplace Inspiration with Voodle

Voodle is the short, async video platform purpose-built for teams in the modern workplace, wherever and whenever you work. In order to see how our app can make a difference on your team, use any of the examples above for inspiration at work. Additionally, if you want a more extensive walk-through on how to use Voodle at work, click here. Then, download your complete guide to conducting offsite, idea sessions, and team-building exercises using Voodle.


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