Culture Vampire – Remote Work Monsters

Now that we’re all remote (and heading towards Halloween), Culture Vampires are sucking the blood out of company culture. We miss the “water cooler moments,” the in-person happy hours, and the casual brainstorming opportunities we had with office life. Thankfully, Voodle restores interpersonal contact with short video messaging that reinvents the way your team interacts, collaborates, and works.

What’s So Scary?

Lack of Preparation for Remote Work

Even for organizations that had a strong company culture pre-COVID, many of the rituals and relationships hang in the balance now. Years of establishing effective norms for an in-person experience through trial and error may fade from relevance. We must accept the learning curve of an abrupt shift to remote work, and recognize the challenges facing us now.

Draining Company Culture

In the new reality, we lose out on the organic human interaction we associate with our former work structure. This loss proves to be draining on most of us. A recent poll showed that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most stressed, “average stress score was at 6.4 with 37 percent of respondents feeling very to extremely stressed.” As a result, it is urgent that leadership prioritizes employee experience. We lack the stimulation of shared office space and must find alternatives to maintain that motivating force.

What To Do?!

Breathe & Reframe

Fear won’t help us adapt. No matter how scary Culture Vampires may seem, we must hold onto our agency in our work culture. Lots of companies (including Voodle) have workplace issues today, and you can view this time as an opportunity for innovation and modernization. Yes, everyone’s stressed. But this reality demands a future that rightfully centers employees and the full human experience, which benefits everyone. Check out how the Thrive XM Index’s 2020 Report excellently breaks down The Case for Employee Experience Driving Business Results.

Adapt Work Culture

As we recommended in our earlier blog post, 3 Steps to Maintain Culture in a Remote Work World, you can choose this time to:

  1. Revisit Core Values
  2. Create New Rituals
  3. Re-Think Workplace Culture Building Activities

Not every element of your old company culture translates over to remote work perfectly, but you do have tools at your disposal to enable this transition. With Voodle, you can post short video messages to your teams as the new standup from leadership, recap of projects, shout out for excellent work, and more. Video captures the emotion and experience of human interaction more effectively than text by putting an actual face and voice to your teammates.

How Voodle Can Help Rid Your Team of Culture Vampires

Voodle uses short video messages to keep your team connected not just as co-workers, but as people. You can invigorate your company culture and authentically meet your employees where they are during these unpredictable times. Enable your team to participate in asynchronous Voodle Challenges that highlight individual personalities and give shout-outs in short video to encourage more human recognition. Sign up for Voodle FREE today to see how we can keep your company culture lively!


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