Legion Brewing Increases Team Power by 50X

About the Company: Legion Brewing of Charlotte North Carolina

Legion Brewing has their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina bubbling with pride. Two locations with taprooms also serve up food – including locally grown fare – and great community. They also have an exciting new location coming soon! The onsite team is in it to win it with team collaboration. Now, with a brand new field sales tool, their crew just took their wholesale game to a whole new level.

See Voodle in Action at Legion Brewing.

The Challenge

Addressing stockouts is critical for the success of wholesale and business as a whole. Legion’s field sales team kicks ass, but the fact remains that there are only 3 sales reps. This small team is mighty but wanted to improve their reach while remaining conscientious and strategic about their resources. Additionally, as the wholesale business expanded across Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond, the tight-knit Legion team wanted to feel more connected to all the action in the field. Head of wholesale Russel Derby knew their staff was hungry for frontline experience and better wholesale accountability. They needed a field sales tool that could give that to them and accent their penchant for team collaboration.

“From the vine to the tanks, to the kegs, Legion brewing is all about friends and beer. Community is everything to us and when there’s work to be done, we pull together as a team.”

-Courtney glasser, Marketing Specialist at Legion Brewing Company
It’s like our sales team grew 50x.

Accountable distribution channels.
HQ and Sales on the same page.

The Solution

Then, Russel found Voodle. Our async short video platform connected the entire Legion team instantly. To hit the ground running with their new field sales tool, Legion used Voodle as a contest platform to start. The team launched the #pullitforward campaign. Any team member would pull forward their beer when they spotted it at a grocery store or other wholesale supplier. Using Voodle, they could easily record and share a before and after shot, ensuring clear documentation of in-store product presentation.

More than just a few field sales reps, anyone working for Legion could now loop in HQ to what was happening with products. Voodle gave Legion the ability to put more boots on the ground. Teammates can help with only a phone on hand and no worries about wasting space. As a cloud-based platform built natively for Android, iOS and web, Voodle could go wherever Legion’s team went without clogging their video libraries.

“Voodle is the best way to get a view on what’s actually happening in the field – immediately.”

-Russell Derby, Head of Field Sales, Legion Brewing

The Results

Adding Voodle to their tech stack changed everything. Suddenly, every member of Legion’s staff effectively acted as a rep with Voodle as a field sales tool, documenting merchandising on the go and reporting back to HQ. Using hashtags and Voodle’s automatically generated transcripts, Legion can search and find the right moment right away The steady stream of voodles across the region keeps everyone up to speed with a visual record of stock status, enabling leadership to troubleshoot stockouts immediately. Distributors get the beer back on the shelves 2X faster while Legion gets to upkeep distribution channel accountability with less stress.

The #pullitforward campaign was a wild success and continues to be a staple of their strategy and connectivity between teammates. Additionally, easy integrations, like Slack and Teams, let voodles be saved and accessed everywhere that Legion works. As a field sales tool, Voodle grew Legion’s on the ground team from 3 field reps to all 150 staffers: a 50X difference. Beyond the numbers, the visibility of all teammates engaging with the product in their day-to-day lives allows individuals to see and then feel their impact at Legion in a totally new way.

Take Team Collaboration Up a Level Using Voodle as a Field Sales Tool

As they expand and continue to give back to their community in many, many ways, Legion Brewing is making a name for themselves even beyond Charlotte, North Carolina. In short, Voodle is proud to be a part of their story. Give our short async video platform a try today to feel the impact of our app as a field sales tool firsthand.

“Voodle helps keep our Legion Community running. Being able to easily share videos across channels and streams makes it really easy for all of us to stay connected, make sure we’re on the same page and get important information out to everybody. Because at Legion, we’re all in this together!”

-Courtney Glasser, Marketing Specialist at Legion Brewing Company