Tech Start Up Cuts Candidate Screening Time by 80%

About the Company: Tech Start-Up with Distributed Team

Voodle (oh hey, that’s us!) is a short async video platform made for work. Although we originated in Seattle, our distributed team now spans 4 time zones. As a growing tech start-up, we continue to seek out methods to optimize and humanize our candidate screening. Turns out, our favorite recruitment tool is our app!

See Voodle in Action as a Recruitment Tool for Candidate Screening:

The Challenge

Daryl Thayil joined Voodle as Head of Engineering in early 2021, ready to hit the ground running and expand his team. As with most startup leaders, he knew recruiting would command a huge chunk of his time. He also knew that the market for great talent remains super competitive and team cohesion on small teams is absolutely essential.  He wanted to give candidates the space to be their full selves, more than just a CV or LinkedIn profile could offer. Then, Daryl watched his calendar bloat with screening calls. He needed a more effective way to take on a candidate screening. (Preferably one where he didn’t have to repeat himself all day or sacrifice human connection.) As a result, he turned to our very own app.

“Before Voodle, I found myself spending 20 minutes going over the same information about the role, company, and product during phone screens. Leaving little time to ask the candidate questions and capture a few notes.”

– Daryl Thayil, Tech Start-Up VP of Engineering
A Voodle Stream with questions lined up for an applying candidate to answer.

The Solution

Using Voodle, Daryl could communicate key information about a role in an asynchronous short video – without setting up another meeting. He relays a quick overview of the position and asks some of the core things he wants to know about a candidate’s background, projects, and goals. Then, instead of starting from scratch, he can duplicate this information for an infinite amount of candidates. His individual manpower is instantly expanded exponentially. This left more time for his current team and deeper follow-up questions beyond the candidate screening process. Voodle as a recruitment tool provides genuine facetime with prospective teammates while protecting the limited time of leadership.

Now, 20 minutes of my time can scale to infinite candidates. Async video lets me really get to know candidates – on my time. We are making better hiring decisions more quickly than ever before.”

– Daryl Thayil, Tech Start-Up VP of Engineering
Daryl asks a recruiting question.
Daryl’s introduction to a candidate. Saves his time not having to repeat himself.

The Results

Voodle hacked the hiring process. This small tech start-up could suddenly make instant connections during candidate screening at the same time that we cut the time it takes to schedule calls. Candidates now respond to repeatable screening streams with just a click from any device – wherever or whenever they get work done. They interview on their time, we listen on ours. Voodle provides a faster, more human-forward method of determining whether a full interview loop is a worthwhile investment for any given candidate.

Daryl and the rest of our leadership cut the time they spent screening candidates by 80% by using short async video as a recruitment tool. They also now get a better picture of the full person their prospective teammate is better than any paper screening could ever offer. As a result, Voodle creates more thorough opportunities to share candidate responses with colleagues and check personal biases in the decision-making process.

“The market for great talent is extremely competitive, and now that we are growing our organization remotely the number of initial screens, interviews, and conversations I need to have grown exponentially. My time is at a premium, and so I use Voodle to scale my impact, not my hours.”

– Daryl Thayil, Tech Start-Up VP of Engineering
Annabelle answers a recruiting question.
Applying candidate Annabelle replies to Daryl’s first set of questions asynchronously,
freeing up both her and Daryl’s calendars.

Use Short Async Video as a Recruitment Tool To Expedite Your Candidate Screening

Voodle puts the power of short async video directly into the hands of your hiring managers and prospective candidates. Learn & easily share more about candidates from a few 60-second selfie videos than you ever could with a standard formulaic phone screen. These quick, automatically transcribed, and searchable videos organized by candidate and role enable instant access to applicant details like never before. Don’t sacrifice the valuable time of your leadership or the human experience of your candidates. Use Voodle to get the right candidates on your radar and excited about joining your team, faster than ever.