Private Chef Keeps Vendors & Clients Aligned

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Voodle changes the game for work communication. For private chef Agustin Mallmann, our short video app takes on a core role as a team collaboration tool for his multifaceted business.

“Voodle is time-saving for my business.” 


Meet Mallmann

Santa Barbara-born Agustin Mallmann absorbed and expanded his deep knowledge of cooking, especially traditional livefire cooking, over several years. Initially, Agustin honed his skill as a private chef traveling with his uncle, Francis Mallmann. You may know Francis as a world-renowned chef and food television star of the Spanish speaking world. While as his uncle’s side, Agustin learned from the best. After that, he was ready to break out on his own.

“Francis and his restaurants taught me the technique that I enjoy the most when it comes to cooking… fire.”


Consequently, Augustin Mallmann now offers

  • Specialized private Estate Lunch & Dinners.
  • Private beach events with fire cooking.
  • Chef Consulting.
  • Catering to the Horse Polo community (International).
  • Pop-up dinners at various different locations (Wineries, hotels, restaurants, polo clubs, ect.)

Voodle Helps Feed the Fire

As a private chef, Agustin Mallmann works with a range of clients, vendors and across locations for special culinary events. Voodle enables him to snap quick videos with the click of a button and share with groups or individuals to keep his team aligned. Previously, Mallmann and his team would use a combination of communication styles, taking photos or videos to send via text… or email… or slack. Sifting through multiple tools searching for an old message is more than just annoying: it’s a huge drain on time. With Voodle, the team shares critical information in an asynchronous manner, allowing everyone to get the updates they need, when they need them,  without slowing down their workflow.

“More than anything, for feedback and conversations between not only the client but the team organizing behind the scenes of every event… I think that being in this business, I realize there is a lot of emailing going back and forth… and that’s where I see a huge potential for all of these different teams coming together in one place and being able to back and forth in all of this through Voodle.”


Voodle As a Team Communication Tool

We built Voodle to handle the modern workplace. Short video apps abound these days, and we saw how they could make a massive difference in work communication. Above all, we to make your work easier and more accessible. That’s why, like Mallmann, you can voodle wherever work happens, when it works for you.

Main Benefits for Chef Agustin Mallmann

For any given event, Mallmann may manage:

  • Wedding Planners
  • Chefs
  • Catering
  • Bar
  • Servers
  • And More

Across contexts, Voodle’s benefits as a team collaboration tool have been clear:

  • It’s Time-Saving
  • Keeps Everyone Together
  • Gives Visual Context
  • Enables Easy Coordination

In addition, Mallmann loves the difference a short video app makes for any conversation. Especially, Voodle has improved work communication.

“It’s a huge help to have visual thoughts and be able to show and express yourself through a quick video.”


Use Voodle FREE as a Team Collaboration Tool For Work Communication

Find out the difference Voodle can make as a team collaboration tool for your organization today. Download for free to get your team in sync from anywhere. Be sure to check out Agustin Mallmann’s work as a private chef here and our other spotlights on our blog. Additionally, you can also follow Agustin on Instagram @amallmann and us to let us know how your team uses Voodle!