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We’re heading to beautiful Santa Barbara for these Voodle users. Casanueva Construction provides an illustrative example of Voodle’s power as a tool for project management, execution, and delivery. Previously, we saw how Voodle helps remote work culture and team collaboration in catering. Check out how Casanueva Construction uses async communication on their construction jobs.

Meet Casanueva Construction

Santa Barbara-based general contractor Andy Casanueva heads up Casanueva Construction Services. They specialize in residential and mobile home improvement, raising the value of homes by providing high-quality and economical remodeling services. Different projects can have wildly different needs. Consequently, each project often needs its own team.

With multiple projects and teams, coordination can be a bit of a headache so a better tool was just what Andy needed. During any given construction job, Andy uses Voodle for project management, team collaboration, and execution. As a result, he’s been able to keep the variety of experts on his teams aligned through asynchronous, short video communication.

For instance, he shared the advantage of using Voodle on one of their latest projects:

“On this project, I was able to collaborate using Voodle. I form a team so I have a connection with my electrician, plumber, dry-waller, painter. It allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently.”

Voodle’s Fix

Voodle connects the workplace with short video. So how exactly has Voodle made a difference for Casanueva Construction? Let’s break it down:

Simplify Team Collaboration

“Having multiple projects and the ability to create multiple teams on Voodle allows me to create teams for every project that we’re working on to keep a clear line of communication and a record of project communication.”

Firstly, the team structure in Voodle made a massive difference for Andy. A different project means different team. As a result, he makes a team for any project to centralize all communication. Voodle enables him to switch easily between teams and then direct short video messages to the appropriate group. Additionally, Voodle’s Slack integration adds an enormous amount of value to help any team’s collaboration capabilities.

Enable Visualization for Construction Jobs

“Using Voodle has really helped us simplify. It allows us to convey stuff visually which, in the building trade, can be very important.”

Furthermore, Voodle puts the power of short video and AI-powered search straight into your hands. Previously, we’ve talked about how visual information (video in particular) is a game-changer. With Voodle, there’s no need to worry about sending attachments to transfer visual information, then of course forgetting where you sent that video. Was it an email? Or a text? On a Slack channel? No more! Finally, your video message lives and breathes on Voodle and is quickly easily discoverable.

Try Voodle FREE Now!

See how Voodle can level up your team collaboration with async short video communication today! To sum up, Andy broke down the biggest benefits he found using Voodle on construction jobs:

  • Make Multiple Teams for Multiple Projects 
  • Simplifies Coordination
  • Record of Communication

Sign up for Voodle FREE so you can get your team aligned using async short video. In short, Voodle empowers your team to coordinate wherever and whenever they work. Our team can’t wait to help yours. Happy voodling!

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