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What is an “Async” Offsite?

Asynchronous – or “async” – simply means not synchronous, aka not at the same time. In our case, Voodle is an asynchronous platform, meaning our short videos can be sent and viewed at different times.

An async offsite is an offsite that is, you guessed it, not synchronous. Normally, offsites are a chance to get everyone together and out of the office to sink their teeth into a shared objective. This could be a particular project, goal, or general brainstorm.

Why Do An Async Offsite?

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Traditional offsites can be difficult to coordinate and often cater to particular personalities and work styles. Asynchronous programming allows introverts and extroverts alike the time and flexibility to to process and participate in offsite activities in their own time. No airplanes required.

Voodle puts the power of short video straight into your team’s hands. This means your team also gets the benefits of video communication (tone of voice, facial expression, visual representation) to boost human connection during your async offsite while protecting your company’s activity on our secure platform.