Swamp(ed) Thing – Remote Work Monsters

Nobody wants to be slowed down at work. Getting swamped with written communication where messages are lost in translation and endless Zoom meetings at work drags massively on our productivity and mental health. In a world desperate for effective communication, we proudly offer Voodle. This short video app helps your team not only keep up their on-site and remote productivity but also provides an avenue for authentic connection in the remote workplace.

What’s So Scary?

Emails… Emails Everywhere

Previously, emails already caused quite a bit of headache at work. During the shutdown due to COVID, Microsoft teams reported a 72% increase in the number of messages sent by staff per day. Similar trends appeared across industries and other communications platforms like Slack. Inefficient communication wastes time and strains relationships between co-workers.

Too Much Bogging Down Our Remote Productivity

There’s a HUGE difference between strategically planning for remote work, and “working from home” As said in this pre-COVID19 article, “‘[w]orking from home’ is a temporary situation, while remote working is an entirely different approach to getting things done.” Most of us did not plan to spend the year adjusting almost everything in our lives to best prevent the spread of a pandemic. We desperately need effective communication and collaboration tools to adapt to our unanticipated present circumstances.

What To Do?!

Cut To The Chase

For years, video conferencing inched its way into the workplace. Now, it’s a staple of workplace connectivity, but proved to have additional consequences (see our Zoom Zombie blog post).  So much of what we share, or schedule for sharing, could happen in 60 seconds. With a click, record and send a voodle to your whole staff or a specific team, which can then be viewed at 2X speed from any device, whenever works best for their schedule.

Streamline for Effective Communication

With Voodle’s integrations, Voodle is NOT another thing to add to your team’s plates. It’s a tool that makes everything else easier and faster. Turn old methods of sending information among teammates into short videos that you can view at 2X speed and still absorb more clarity of tone and intent than any written form of communication. Then, seamlessly connect Voodle to your existing workflows and across the places work gets done.

How Voodle Can Help Improve Communication

Consider what your day-to-day schedule would look like if you shrank the following to 60-second, async voodles:

  • Executive Team Standup
  • Daily Check-in’s
  • Individual Intros to Teammates for New Hires
  • Meeting Recap’s

Prevent a Swamp(ed) Thing from taking over your team! Prioritize effective communication by opting for short video that connects your team on a more human level and integrates with your existing workflows. Download Voodle for FREE then record your first voodle and invite your teammates!


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