Borrow from the Best with Anna Oakes

Original Event was April 15th, 2021

Rachel talks hybrid work and the future of happy, high performing teams.

How do we move beyond the “Virtual Happy Hours” and trivia nights of 2020? How can we drive connection 1:1, as a team and even as a company when things are changing so quickly? We get creative on meaningful connections in whatever works! Today we’re jamming with Rachel Lanham of Voodle as we discuss ways we can #borrowfromthebest on engaging #remote and #hybrid teams:

  • Rethinking “team-building” using asynchronous tools
  • What your team really wants
  • Unique ideas for innovation, casual connections and more

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Hybrid Work and Async Tools

These days, most people know how to snap a quick video from their phone, computer, or other devices. As a result, Voodle makes waves for remote work, hybrid work, and regular ol’ office life. As vaccinations are more widely available, hybrid may be taking over. However, using async tools like Voodle will be key in ensuring that hybrid work becomes the best of both worlds – not the worst. Teams run the risk of burnout with the “always-on” mentality. However, async tools protect teammates’ autonomy and flexibility and can restructure their day-to-day work in more human ways. Take into account attention span limitations, normal life conflicts, and the unpredictability of inspiration. Try Voodle’s short async video platform today to take your team connectivity, productivity, and creativity to the next level.