WT Talks: Next Gen Messaging for Life & Work

Original Event was March 15th, 2021

CCO of Voodle talks with WT about connecting teams in the modern work world.

Joining us this week is Rachel Lanham, Chief Customer Officer at Voodle, for our topic: Next Gen Messaging for Life & Work. Alongside WT Chief Strategy Officer Brandon Geary, Rachel is unpacking the rapid shift we are seeing in the workplace experience and the value asynchronous video can bring to business communications.

Watch the segment here. Next Gen Messaging for Life & Work

Connecting Teams in the Modern Workplace

Even before COVID, team leadership struggled to account for the modern worker’s desire for flexibility. During the pandemic, circumstances forced their hands. Remote work presented challenges, but also revealed opportunities for geographic diversity, accessibility, working style inclusion, and more. As vaccines roll out, we can’t let go of the lessons learned in this period. Specifically, the conversation between Rachel and Brandon highlighted the importance of utilizing async tools at work. Other forms of comms drain teams by trapping them in the “always on” mentality at work.

Async tools, like Voodle’s short async video platform, returns agency to your coworkers. With key integrations like Slack, Voodle slides seamlessly into existing workflows. Video places your teammates’ faces, emotions, and visual context front and center. As a result, Voodle keeps people at the center of your business communications by connecting teams with video. Don’t sacrifice human connection for the sake of flexibility. In short, choose both. Try short async video with Voodle today.