People at Work Podcast

Original Event was July 5th, 2021.

Our Chief Customer Officer Rachel Lanham joins Jostle host Bev Attfield to discuss highlights from Voodle’s Hybrid Workplace Report. They break down some of the challenges and opportunities of hybrid work on the People at Work Podcast.

Listen to the podcast via Spotify below or Apple Podcasts.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Hybrid Work

The Voodle team continues to iterate on ways that short async videos can create micro-connections for people who don’t work face to face. As our CCO Rachel discusses above, we’re excited about the opportunities of hybrid work and the new work landscape in general. She’s also curious about how to prepare for the transition to hybrid work.

This spring, Voodle asked 800 US technology workers about their experience, apprehensions, and goals for the modern work world. As a result, we produced our comprehensive “Hybrid Workplace Report,” naming five big challenges in the transition to a hybrid workplace. All of these challenges relate to people and how they’re connected to each other.

Optimizing an employee’s experience in the new normal also means being open to new ideas about what culture is, what inclusion looks like, and the opportunities for new connection habits. In the podcast, Rachel also discusses the implications of our learnings about the challenges and opportunities of hybrid work for our own team here at Voodle. Click above to give the whole podcast a listen, then download the Hybrid Workplace Report!

About Jostle and People at Work Podcast

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