Remotely We Are One Podcast: The Time Is Now

Original Event was November 17th, 2021

In this episode, Rick and Kaleem have a fun chat with Rachel Lanham. Rachel’s the Chief Customer Officer at Voodle, a video chat for the workplace. During the discussion, Rachel brings her years of experience to the table. She emphasizes the importance of companies utilizing a culture statement and remote work. There have never been more resources for people to adapt themselves to remote work (another shameless plug for Voodle!)

Oh! You also won’t believe the first concert she attended!

She kindly shared her insights with us, as well as tolerated our antics for the better part of an hour. For that reason, we raise a toast to our latest guest, Rachel Lanham! Check out our deep dive into culture statements and remote work below:

More Details from This Deep Dive into Culture Statements and Remote Work

About Remotely We Are One: Podcast hosts Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson bring energy, heart, and humor to conversations around the modern work climate. Their podcast prompts guests to share awkward, hilarious, and painfully human video call experiences. It also speaks to the urgency of workplace flexibility and preserving real human connection in and beyond the workplace. Other Remotely One Podcasts can be found here.

About Rachel Lanham and Voodle: Rachel is our Chief Customer Officer who is obsessed with growing our worldwide crew of voodlers. As a result, she’s their voice in the organization and she makes us all proud. Rachel’s been on the frontlines building a future of work that works for all of us.

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