What Fuels You Podcast

Original Event was February 2nd, 2021.

Voodle CEO virtually sat down with Shauna Swerland, CEO of Fuel Talent. They talked inspiration, perseverance, and resilience as an entrepreneur as well as our new short video collaboration tool.

Forest Key is Founder and CEO of Voodle, a short video app for business teams to capture, share and discover important business moments as they happen where they work – home, office, or on the road. This short video collaboration tool came after a long road of learnings. Forest is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year passion for innovation in video platforms. Previously founder and CEO of hospitality marketing SaaS provider buuteeq, and visual effects software tools innovator Puffin Designs. He was a founding partner of China-based UX design and development studio for OTT video applications Redsafi. Recently, he cofounded Pixvana which spent 4 years developing a VR video platform before pivoting to create Voodle!

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The Pivot to Short Video Collaboration

Once upon a time, the Voodle team was hard at work in the realm of XR (VR, AR, and MR). As it became clear that the broader market lagged behind our products, new learnings bubbled to the surface in everyday life. During a trip to Chongqing, China, a new direction struck Forest. Across conferences and business meetings, he saw that XR activity had overwhelmingly moved to mobile screens, often the selfie camera specifically. While this reality may leave our old company behind, a new thought emerged: what if we used the selfie camera at work the way we did the rest of the time? Thus, Voodle. In the year since, this short video collaboration tool grew and morphed into a critical outlet for productivity, insights, and humanity at work. We can’t wait to share where we take it next.