Ghosts of Lost Insights – Remote Work Monsters

Some of us love spooky decorations! Some of us hate them. But NONE of us enjoy spooky occurrences at work. Don’t let insights you missed or miscategorized in your current systems haunt your team! The Ghosts of Lost Insights may appear as account or project details you can’t find, internal messages you can’t quite recall, or missed opportunities that keep you up at night. See how short video messages in Voodle’s searchable, smart database can keep your team on track!

What’s So Scary?

Missing Records = Missed Opportunities

Don’t let the insights you missed or miscategorized haunt you. Your team needs the right tools to capture insights when the information is as fresh as possible. A clear, easily searchable database makes a world of difference, especially for remote work. Many teams struggle to coordinate account, project, or other important information within their existing knowledge base and systems. In turn, this can lead to and exacerbate…

Inefficient Workflows

Recently, Forbes reported that nearly 65% of sales reps’ time is spent on a combination of updating colleagues, performing administrative tasks, and other non-revenue-generating activities. Additional admin work and stress about lost insights are specters no sales team wants hanging overhead. Modern teams must take every opportunity to simplify workflow and keep up with the competition. Every moment wasted searching through emails, Slack, texts, and more for important information eats up time that could be spent actually working on the project at hand.

What To Do?!

Simplify How You Capture Insights

Stopping to type something up isn’t always convenient. With Voodle, you can recap in a short video any client conversation, project update internal meeting, and more with the click of a button. Then, utilizing Voodle’s integrations, you can share to the places where work gets done most, including:

  • Slack
  • SalesForce
  • Hubspot
  • Teams
  • Outreach

As an async communication tool available from iOS, Android, or webcam, Voodle lets you record and share wherever and whenever you need to.

Utilize Voodle’s Smart Database

Finally, Voodle’s algorithm provides a smart searchable database for the knowledge base. No more desperately hunting for lost insights. While most relevant voodles appear at the top, you can also search by subject using hashtags, channels, and transcription details that are automatically generated. Beyond sales teams, check out our solutions for leadership, HR, and more to see how Voodle can work for you.

How Voodle Can Help Clear the Ghosts of Lost Insights

When used in on-site or remote work, short video speeds up and maximizes our existing workflow. With Voodle’s smart, searchable database, your team can focus on their job instead of hunting for previous notes. Fend off the Ghosts of Lost Insights and sign up for Voodle FREE today!


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