Slack + Voodle

Get immediate notifications and preview voodles in your Slack channels when voodles are posted. Click once to watch in full!

Slack Integration Overview

Install Voodle for Slack

With the Voodle integration in Slack, you can send rich ideas and collaboration from Voodle right into your Slack workflow. Connect your Voodle channels to Slack channels so you can instantly preview voodles right in Slack. Know that your voodles get in front of the right audience and show up in the relevant context in Slack!

From Slack, you can:

  • Keep track of your team’s ideas with Slack notifications for new voodles.
  • Preview voodles from your teammates: see the thumbnail, read transcriptions and find out other details about the voodle in Slack.
  • Single-click to watch the voodle.

How to integrate Slack and Voodle

  1. Sign up for a Slack account and a Voodle account.
  2. In Voodle, head to your Settings on the right side, and go to Slack Integration.

Slack Integration Screen Voodle App

  1. Click Connect and authorize your Slack workspace.

Slack Integration Connect

  1. Once authorized, link your Voodle channels to any public Slack channel in your workspace.
  2. Slack Integration Authorization

You’re all set!

Now your voodles posted to the selected Voodle channels will also post to the designated Slack channels.

Slack Integration Overview

Install Voodle for Slack

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