Introducing commenting and multi-team switching

July 20, 2020

Introducing commenting and multi-team switching

We’ve heard you!

We’ve heard you! You love making and watching voodles, but you crave a way to quickly reply to a teammate’s voodle so you can cheer them on or give them instant feedback. You also want multiple teams and a fast way to switch between them so you don’t miss out on the action.

Today we’re excited to announce two features to address these needs: the ability to comment on a voodle, and support for switching between multiple teams from one account.


If you’ve ever watched a voodle and wanted to leave a little validation, like “great recap!”, or you want to ask a clarifying question, this feature is for you. When someone shares a voodle of the progress they’ve made on a major project–something they’ve worked hard on–you can congratulate them on how well it’s coming along. If someone posts a voodle recapping a meeting with a client, everyone in the team can reply with questions or encouragements.

And of course you can comment with emojis too. So go ahead and start posting comments. 😎

Multiple Teams

Many of us have a team with our coworkers, where we discuss topics like product requests, customer feedback, or to just share fun stories. But we may also like to have a unique team for cross-functional work groups, management, or even the entire company. And we often like to use Voodle to share short videos with our family and friends, so we make a separate team to talk to them with.

To hop between work teams and family and friends teams used to require multiple logins. That was the old world. With this new product update you can seamlessly switch between teams all from one account!

Getting Started

Getting going with multiple teams is easy. There are two ways:
1) After joining or creating a team for the first time, you can easily create a new team from within the iOS app or web app.
2) You can also join an existing team from within the app by getting invited by a member of another team and simply inputting the nine-digit team code shared with you.

After you have connected multiple teams to your account you can switch between them by simply clicking the team icons in the sidebar (on the right hand side of the app). It’s that easy! There’s no hassle with logging in and out — and don’t worry, voodles in one team cannot be seen in another. Each team is its own private space. 

That’s it! We hope this update makes it easier to communicate with your teammates–or even your family and friends–by making it faster to switch between all your active teams. Happy voodling!