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Voodle lets you capture, share and discover important business moments through the power of short video.

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Never Miss a Beat with Voodle

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Use your phone to make short videos with Voodle to capture important business moments to keep your team in sync, from customer feedback to product development to team action items and more.

Voodle recordWith quick start record, auto edit, dynamic effects and instant playback documenting every word or step has never been so simple.

Record Key Moments

Share Across Channels

Streamline the way you get important video moments to your teams or across the organization so everyone can make smarter business decisions faster.

Slack IntegrationWith the click of a button, you can send your Voodles with permissions-based access to the places work gets done most, like Slack or Salesforce.

Share Knowledge

Just the Juicy Stuff

Search your Voodle Pool of short videos for the information most important to you.

Voodle LogoUse Voodle’s discovery tools including newsfeed, quick search and machine learning indexes to surface relevant content, including dynamic playlists on key topics — optimized for the best viewing experience.

Voodle Library

Voodle Makes Work Better

Create a Voodle to share important information with your manager, teammates or the entire organization.


Keep your sales team on track! Use Voodles to stay up-to-date on deal status, account handoffs, competitive intel, objection handling and customer feedback.

Customer Success
Customer Success

Ensure your customer success team doesn’t miss a beat. Create Voodles to unlock the collective knowledge of your team to quickly handle account onboarding, ticket resolution, account renewals, feedback and more!


Help your marketing team help others! Make Voodles to keep everyone educated on the latest messaging updates, campaign status, events, product launches, enablement tools and more.

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I Voodle, You Voodle, We All Voodle


Download the Voodle mobile app.


Hit “record” from the app to capture key business moments instantly.


Use the integrated edit and auto edit features to put the finishing touches on your Voodle.


Share your Voodle with the click of a button to any group or person across the places work happens.


Search your Voodle Pool to find the video bits most relevant to you.

The Right Moment is Now

Market and workplace trends are converging to create the perfect environment for Voodle. Get ahead of the curve!

Consumerization of Enterprise
When Work Gets Personal

Short video is the new way to communicate (TikTok, Quibi, IG Stories) and is making its way to the workplace. Tiktok has been downloaded 1B times worldwide with 800M monthly active users.

Future of Work
The Future is Now

With remote working on the rise, employees need agile and authentic ways to communicate. During 2019 remote workers grew from 24% to 31%, and is only expected to grow.

Visual Communication
Visual Virality

The “tech-first” workforce is leading the change from text-based to image-based communications. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and viewers retain 95% of a video message vs 10% text.

Voodle the moment is now
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