Stand out and stay connected with a human-centered approach

“Customer obsessed” means nothing if you’re not going the extra mile to build, not just manage, trusted relationships.

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Updates + How-Tos

Let’s be real: the majority of marketing messages are ignored. New methods are required to gain attention.

Break Through the Clutter

Your customers are crunched for time and bombarded with marketing messages. It’s more important than ever to make sure your messages are packed with easy to digest value and stand out in a sea of emails.

Enter async short video, delivering speed and a feeling of connection to the people behind the product. Record 1 or several voodles in a Post and share it out to your client base. Simple, scalable, AND human.


The average person is now estimated to encounter 6K-10K marketing messages daily.

Company News + Promotions

Trust and loyalty are the new currency. Authentic communications go a long way in engaging your audience.

Drive Action with Storytelling

People form personal connections via stories but it’s difficult to convey context and genuine excitement in text (even with 15 emojis and 5 different gifs!).

Give your customer base the full picture with an async short video from you or your company leader, they will feel more connected and more likely to heed your call to action.

61 percent

Of customers say it’s difficult for a company to earn their trust.

Personalized Check-ins

Attention is scarce, showing your customers you are there for them is more challenging than ever. Go async with your face to face comms to take customer delight to a new level.

Show you care, at scale

Typed messages are impersonal and lack impact but no one has time for another meeting. Create urgency, stand out, and most importantly build trust through sending an async short video check-in instead.

Not only will your client/customer appreciate SEEING how much you care but it adds another level of trust building to the relationship.

50 percent

of U.S. consumers say that COVID-19 has increased their prioritization of customer service when deciding to do business with a brand.

Feedback + Testimonials

Customer-centricity is the key to any successful business, make hearing from yours context-rich and easier than ever.

Unlock the voice of your customer

Your product and marketing teams want to hear from your customers but coordinating a traditional feedback session is near impossible in today’s way of working. Flip the script on this process by sharing product updates, prototypes, or questions in a Voodle Post.

Voodle allows customers to provide their insights via async short video responses on their time. Use the same method to solicit 60 second video testimonials from your happy customers.

8 in 10

customers trust in a business if it has positive testimonials.

Customer Advisory Boards

Your CAB is a secret weapon to ensure your product roadmap and marketing plans stay in line with customer needs. Make it easy for your VIPs to engage on their time.

Go async to maximize CAB value

Having a Customer Advisory Board is essential for gathering real time customer insights but it’s not always easy to keep everyone connected without more zoom calls or extensive impersonal emails.

Leverage personal async short video messages from your CEO, head of product or marketing, and more to keep your CAB in the know and engaged. Enable them to share their feedback by recording a 60 second voodle response and get back to their day. It’s a win-win!

94 percent

of consumers expect customer support to become more technologically advanced