Recruit and retain the best talent with a human-centered approach

These days, hiring and onboarding processes must meet the needs of your ideal candidate — ensuring that they accept when you extend an offer and stick around for the long-run.

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It’s a candidate’s market. Every moment a jobseeker spends on your listing is make-or-break.

Win the War for Talent

In a tight labor market, it’s hard to stand out. Candidates want the right team, leader, and culture – not just the right job description. A 2-way fit is more important than ever. Don’t blend into a sea of sameness. Give candidates a more powerful first touchpoint with short video – from job posts to rich personal messages to top applicants.

8 in 10

organizations surveyed say they
are planning to hire in 2021


Busy hiring managers don’t want days filled with non-stop back-to-back screening calls.

Save Time Screening

Long, repetitive cycles of scheduling and screening candidates make it difficult to assess and compare candidates equally. Use async video to create a win-win: respect everyone’s time and even the playing field for candidates.

10+ Hours

spent by hiring managers on
phone screens, per role


Stay competitive. Gather and evaluate candidate feedback efficiently to make the right decision – and fast.

Get Better Candidate Feedback Quicker

Lose the vanilla scorecards and templatized feedback forms. Replace them with 1 minute videos to capture real-time feedback, reduce unconscious bias, and avoid “groupthink.”

7 in 10

US employers say virtual recruiting
is here to stay


Stand out in candidate’s decision-making process or risk losing your top picks.

Increase Your Close Rate

Stand out from the crowd, eliminate ghosting, and increase offer acceptance rate. When the entire team can engage with top candidates via short video, they know how much they matter.


of job seekers report ghosting an employer (up from 18% in 2019)


First impressions set the tone for a new hire’s tenure. Hit the right note with better onboarding.

Level Up Your Onboarding

Onboarding starts as soon as you hear “I accept.” Fast track the team’s authentic connection with a stream of async short video introductions.

Only 12%

of employees agree their company onboards new hires well


Employees don’t jump ship if there is a positive work culture built on psychological safety and strong alignment.

Retention is Built on Trust

High-performing teams trust each other. Creating them can take a lot of time, especially in a remote/hybrid workplace. Accelerate the process and foster “trust-forming” human connection with async short video.

3 out of 4 candidates


3 out of 5 employers

agree that virtual recruiting makes it harder to tell if culture and values align