Break through the clutter and seal the deal faster with a human-centered approach

Sellers, hosts, sitters, and more: get the scale of popular marketplaces without sacrificing what makes you unique by using async short video.

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With thousands of listings on every platform, standing out is crucial.

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Capture attention by leading with your humanity

Buyers hunt for clues that you are trustworthy as they do their research. Help make the choice easy by showcasing your full story with the human touch of async short video. Share your passion and competence (and friendly face!) with potential customers to build confidence and speed transactions.

41 percent increase

Seller and service provider numbers are exploding on marketplaces. Eg: Etsy’s sellers grew 41% in 2021 to 5.3M.


Don’t lose a valuable new customer due to text-based Q&A misunderstandings.

Voodle for Closing

Meet the new face-to-face

It’s important to jump when searchers are in the decision-making mindset. Async short video ensures clarity in communication, while respecting your prospect’s time. Don’t leave them hanging when you can easily answer questions from anywhere, while enabling them to seamlessly respond via text or video.

71 percent

Of sellers who use short video in email report better open, click, and response rates than text alone.


Selling doesn’t stop at the time of purchase. Provide empathetic updates to create loyal customers.

Voodle for Updates

Surprise and delight customers with authenticity

Maintaining engagement throughout the process with your marketplace customers is your insurance policy for a positive review at the end AND repeat business. Typed messages are impersonal and can be easily ignored. Create urgency, stand out, and – most importantly – build trust by sending an async short video instead.

8 in 10 carts

online shopping orders are abandoned.

Feedback + Testimonials

Reviews and ratings are critical to your ranking. Make hearing from your users context-rich and easier than ever.

Voodle for Testimonials

Unlock the voice of your customer

Engaging your customers in a dialog about your product or service is your secret sauce. Ease the process by sharing product updates, news, or questions in a personal Voodle Post and allowing customers to provide their insights via async short video responses on their time. Use the same method to solicit 60 second video testimonials from your happy customers – they are your best salespeople!

7 in 10 people

Customers put trust in a business if it has positive testimonials.