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Use async short video to accelerate your pipeline by adding your personal touch to remote selling, at scale.

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The bad news: your prospects are slammed with messages. The good news: video can help.

Human connection is back in business

Video emails are proven to increase open and response rates. Grab attention and build personal connections from the start by leading with your humanity and personality.

People want to know that a real person is behind the message. Video gives that reassurance, instantly establishing trust and credibility.

65 PercentIncluding a video in an email can increase click throughs by 65%.

Follow up

In today’s flexible workplace, scheduling sales calls is harder than ever. Luckily, face-time no longer relies on real-time.

Meet the new face-to-face

Async short videos allow you to provide personalized follow ups – from mini-demos to specific objection-handling messages – in a way that fits the way work is done today.

You can build trust and accelerate deal progression, while protecting clients’ time.


Studies show that our brains are hard-wired to focus on faces – in fact, there are neural circuits that respond only to faces.


Smooth hand-offs between SDR’s and AE’s are critical to a healthy sales process. But relying on synchronous meetings can slow things down to a crawl.

Speed transitions without losing context

Keep up with the pace of business with async short video intros. Create a foundation of familiarity and trust before the first call.

Attach video messages to opportunities in your CRM so hand-off context is preserved as it moves to the next stage.

95 percent

95% of sales leaders want the SDR in the initial meeting with the customer.


Competition is fierce. Knowing which leads are hot, when they are hottest, is the key to crushing your numbers.

Real time, on your time

Alerts and engagement dashboards keep you in the loop and empower you to connect in a way you never thought possible.

Sales teams and prospects get maximum humanity, at scale.

46 percent

Only 46% of sales reps have data insights on customers’ propensity to buy.