We are in beta for Voodle!

March 30, 2020

We are in beta for Voodle!

We have an exciting milestone for our team today! After several feverish months of development, we are sharing our first Voodle beta-release with teams.

Firstly, we’re starting with local Seattle companies we know. We’re looking for teams with an ideal size of 10+ folks to fit our test needs. A requirement for now is iOS for the mobile app. Additionally, we have started with Slack as the Single-Sign-On network and communication layer.

We plan to add Microsoft Teams, Cisco Teams, Zoom, and other Unified Communication layers for sign-on in the future. Slack presents a great test-bed for us given how well they have opened up their APIs and how many startups and dynamic teams use Slack.

We’ll be posting details on our progress with Voodle. Subsequently, keep an eye out for updates on feedback and features created from our engagement with testers.  Thank you in advance to our beta users!

voodle team at work
Voodle team celebrating our beta launch, via remote work Zoom meeting

UPDATE: Voodle is live across iOS, Android, and webcam! Your whole team can now Voodle from any device. Sign up online from any browser and use your webcam. Or, you can find Voodle in the Apple Store for you iPhone users or the Play Store for you Pixel, Galaxy, and more Android users.

Whatever your device, we’re ecstatic to see how your team uses Voodle. Our short video app was invented for the new workplace. Use Voodle to capture important business moments as they happen and share the knowledge that connects your team and drives action. Empower your team with a fast way to record and share information, capturing the emotion and context of a message so nothing gets lost in translation. Sign up today and let us know how Voodle works for you!